The Alien Hunters

"It was a normal day. Completely normal. Or so we thought."

One death can transform the universe

“This was the day everything changed. Not just how we acted and lived but how everyone acted and lived, how the world was.”


6. Chapter Five

Caleb’s point of view

We are standing in a very crowded street. I don’t like it. He could be anywhere.

Irene’s hand is in mine, she’s scared, so am I.

Adi is looking around, frantically seeking the only thing that will stop her thirst for revenge. Bertie stopped at a table of artefacts, learning about the locals, I guess.

I glance at the people around me.

A large bellied man, a woman with three heads, Nehtar Moc, an octopus child, a……. wait a second, Nehtar Moc!!!!!


“I see him.” She replies.

I let go of Irene’s hand and walk over to him. He looks at me then turns and runs away.

Damn it. I chase after him.

I can hear Adi’s feet on the pavement behind me, Irene’s heavy breathing and Bertie yelling “WAIT FOR ME!!”

He runs into an alley.

HAH, it’s a dead end.

I run faster and tackle him to the ground.

Then I feel a shooting pain in

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