Upon Arrival

Megan and Katie go out to have an epic birthday for Katie, when things turn horrible. Megan leaves Katie alone for a moment, and in that moment Katie ends up getting stuck in the elevator with a guy alone. Will Katie get out safe? Does Megan find love in waiting for her beloved sister?


12. Chapter Twelve: Waiting (Megan)

Chapter Twelve: Waiting (Megan)

“There’s an exit that goes right to the basement.” Said Emma “Now, we won’t be down there but we will be able to hear everything as soon as they finish stetting up the table.”

She went on explaining why we couldn’t be down there; I didn’t care I just want Katie and Josh to be fine.

“You okay?” Keegan ask. I could hear the tool working away on the first basement wall. They said that there was quite a bit that needed cut away before they could get to the elevator.

“Okay? I feel like I’m going to though up.” I answered.

Reaching up he pushed some of my hair back. I tried to smile but I couldn’t. I couldn’t live without her and that’s a fact.

“The table is ready.” Emma waved us to follow a group of people, along with her; to a small table they just set up by the front desk.

I started crewing on my nails. I felt like the whole weight of the world was riding in this one moment and for me it was.

“Can you hear me?” asked a guy from the other end.

“Yes, proceed.”

The machinery was now louder then ever as it blasted the air though the speakers. For a split moment I was lost for thoughts, words; anything.

“Remember to breath.” Keegan whispered to me.

“I don’t think that’ll help.” I said.

“It will, trust me.” I looked up at him. He was just as worried as me. I was concerned for millions of reasons but I pushed all those thoughts out of my mind when I heard the machinery stop.

Fear followed over me but then I hear one of the workers “Hello? Anyone there? Can you hear me? Are you hurt?”

The air froze inside me as we waited for a reply. Keegan grabbed my hand and squeezed it; letting me know that he was there for me. I squeezed back; letting him know I was here for him. In this split second I knew I had falling for a guy. Not just a guy but one of the most famous people in the world. What would Katie think?

“Yes, we’re in here.” A male voice yelled.

“That’s Josh!” Keegan said.

I smile but there is a part of me that wasn’t sure if Katie was fine. For all I know she could be stuck in a whole different part. But then he did say ‘we’re’.

“One extra.” I could hardly make out what he said as the line went fuzzy.

I listen closely for my sister’s voice but nothing. What if she’s hurt or passed out? Or I stop myself from think that once again.

“Good, good. I presume you are Josh and a Katie is with you, am I correct?”

Finally, I will soon find out. I hold my breath and clutch even harder to Keegan’s hand.

“Yes.” said Josh

I feel the tears fill my eyes as I now know she’s not alone and she has to be alive or Josh would have said something by now. A familiar set of arms wrap around me as a few tears try to slip away.

The machinery starts back up. We held each other knowing that this crazy ride wasn’t over just yet. For all we know this is just the start.

The machines slowly start to a stop when I heard Josh yell “Katie.” But it sounded more like a question. I pulled a way from Keegan; moving closer to the speakers so I could hear much better.

There were now more then two voices but none of them belonged to my sister.

“If we don’t get her first, she may not make it.” One of the workers said. “Get the ambulance ready to leave.”

There was shuffling and talking which I could hardly make out what was being said.

“Josh.” I could hardly hear her voice; it was so weak.

“Katie.” I said my voice cracking.

I ran for the front doors. The reporters right away started yelling questions at me. I heaved my way though people. I was almost to the end of the sea of people when I see them caring her on a strecher. I yell her name but no luck. I shove the last few people out of my way right when they close the door. I dashed towards the ambulance but a cop stopped me.

“Nobody is to pass this point.” The cop said.

“That’s my sister.” He turns looking at the ambulance. I can tell he is unsure.

“Please…” but I stopped begging as the ambulance has just pulled away speeding.

Tears were now running down my face.

“Katie.” I whisper as once again I was so close but so far away. She was now, once again with out me. A hand placed on my shoulder made me jump it was the cop. I shrugged it off.

I knew it was no use why I called her name once again.

“Are you Megan?”

I look up to see who asked. I knew it had to be Josh; one he was all banged up, two he was being followed by people trying to get him in an ambulance.

“Josh?” I questioned.

“Yes.” He said “Where’s Katie?”

“She was just taken in an ambulance, this cop wouldn't let me by, she’s alone.” I cried.

Once again a hand was placed on my shoulder thinking it was that cop again I fly around. But it was Keegan.

“I couldn’t, she's alone…” I started to cry, he pulled me into a hug.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Josh asked.

“She’s been staying with me.” Keegan said as I pulled a way.

“Oh.” He looked like he was thinking but then he took a wobbly step.

Keegan ran forward a help him stand back up.

“Thanks. It’s really bright out here.” Josh said.

“Come on let take you to the ambulance.” Keegan said. Josh nodded his head and they walked off.

I slowly followed. I happened to look over at the worker who were pulling out Katie’s belongs I notice there quite a lot of blood; my knees went weak. This isn’t the end of this road. Katie made it out but by the looks of all of this she isn’t fine.

“Come on, you’re riding with Josh. I’ll follow in my car.”

“But he’s your friend…”

“But you’re in no state to drive.”

Since Josh is stable and it’s not a life or death moment they just drove regular to the hospital. We stopped at yet another red light; I sighed. Josh smiled.


“Nothing, Katie just sighed a lot.” He replied. I smiled as I knew what he was talking about. She would if she was bored or wanted someone to talk to, the list is never-ending.

“So, you and Keegan…”

“I needed a place to stay, he offered.” I wasn’t sure how to replay that.

I didn’t want him to think something was going on between us, or say that something was when I wasn’t even sure. I’m an old school kinda’ girl; I believe that two people aren’t anything more then just friends unless one of them asks the other properly.

“Oh, I see.”

 “How’s Katie?” I blurted out without thinking.

The little bit of color that had returned vanished. His expression became unreadable and panic filled my insides.

“We’re almost there.” The driver said.

I didn’t notice my legs bouncing until Josh reached over and stopped them.

“She’ll be okay.” He said.

“Why do you and Keegan keep saying that?” I said more to myself.

“Because, we believe it.” Josh said.

I tried to smile. I wasn't sure what Katie has told him or how close they are.

“She’s right you do worry a lot.” He said mostly to himself.

I tried to look out the back window for Keegan. But I couldn’t see him.

“So have you spent the whole time with Keegan?” Josh asked.

“Pretty much.” I said.

He was about to say something when the back doors to the ambulance opened.

I stepped out looking for Keegan. I didn’t see him anywhere so I headed inside and they took Josh in. I ran to the front desk and asked about Katie.

“She needed surgery.” The lady working said.


“I’m not sure they didn’t tell me.”

“How do I find out?” I asked.

“I’ll get someone to inform you; as soon as I can.”

“Soon is not fast enough.”

So one grabbed my hand, looking over I see Keegan.

“I’ll tell you as soon as I find something out.” She smiled at me sweetly.

“Thank you.” Keegan said.

“Come on.” He said as we head to a room with the number 145. As we walked in Josh was talking to a doctor. We just waited by the wall.

“Well, we have a few tests but I do believe all in all you’re fine.”

“Thanks.” Josh said.

The doctor walked out. Keegan let go of my hand and walked over to Josh. He hugged Josh and Josh hugged him back. It’s sweet to see how much a friend can mean to someone. Once again my mind went to Katie and how I wish I could hug her.

I walked out of the room. They need some time to themselves. Setting in a chair I can’t but help relive the moment of how close I was.

“Are you Megan Miller?”

“Yes.” I said; looking up. It was a police.

“I have your sister’s stuff would you like it?” Then he went on telling me he didn’t have to keep it as it wouldn’t help find out why the elevator broke.

I slowly unzipped the bag, inside was a plastic bag that had her stuff that had blood on it. Looking though the bag I come by her all time favorite shirt. I can remember her getting it, all the times she’s warn it. I shoved it back in the bag, zipping it shut. I couldn’t sit here and look at her things any more.

So, I just wrap my arms around it and wait, wait and wait for the doctor.

I’ve been sitting here by myself for a while. Keegan did come and sit with me for a bit but I told him I need sometime by myself and to go see Josh. He listened and did what I wanted.

“Are you Katie’s sister?”

Looking up I see a doctor. My heart fell to my feet.


“Could you please follow me?’

I nodded my head yes and followed him to a room. Walking in I see Katie in a bed with wires hooked up to her. She was banged up and looked weak. I move some hair from her face and squeezed her hand. I was so happy but so worried at the same time. As I waited for the doctor to tell me what they had to do, how it went and if she would be okay. It was hard to follow for me as I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Katie.

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