Upon Arrival

Megan and Katie go out to have an epic birthday for Katie, when things turn horrible. Megan leaves Katie alone for a moment, and in that moment Katie ends up getting stuck in the elevator with a guy alone. Will Katie get out safe? Does Megan find love in waiting for her beloved sister?


6. Chapter Six: (Megan) - Pj's in the Spotlight

It was two times brighter with all the cameras snapping photos of me and Keegan. I was seeing stars I was so bright.

Looking down, shading my eyes with my hands I realize I have been in my pajamas all and now there are about a dozen of people taking my photo in them. Great, hello world, hope you like my pj's.

I was now blushing. Keegan tossed his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer.

"Don't say a word." He whispers.

Nodding my head he pulls me though the crowed. The questions are now getting loader as we try to push our way out. Some back off whole others try and follow us. We reach his car. Yanking the door open for me I jump in quickly, shut the door and duck my head down.

As we drive off, I notice we aren't heading back to his place. We're driving farther away from the hotel. 

"Where are we going?" I asked. As I don't want to be too far from there.

"Not back home." Keegan said.

"Why?" I asked.

"There'll never leave if they knew where we live." He said.

"Oh." I said. Wait did he just say we. He does know I don't live there, right? I'm just staying there until I get my sister back. Will I leave then, never seeing him or speaking to him again? My heart brook when this thought crossed my mind.

"I remember you saying something about a cat." Keegan asked.  

I think he's trying to keep my mind off everything.

"Cat?" I ask. As I or Katie has no pets.

"Maddy." Keegan said. Then I remember telling him about him when he was asking me questions.

"Oh, Maddy isn't really my cat; it's just a cat that lives outside around my work." I said.

"Oh." He said.

"Yea, he's the neighborhood cat."

"That's cool." He said.

"Uh huh."

It was now quite but not in a bad way. I was watching him and life passing outside my window as we drove aground. There was still two cars following us. Oh, how I just wish they would leave us already. There I go again using, us, words that mean together.

I need to put a wall between us. I can't be falling for a guy who's life is in the spotlight when I'm trying my hardest to keep my sister and I from the world. If the world knew about everything we've been though they would then want to know our side of our story. And to tell the truth, our story is just sad mixed with bad luck.

"Are you hungry?" Keegan asked.

I haven't felt like eating, all day. With all the craziness and hardy any food, is taking a toll on me.

"No, but I need to eat." I replied leading my head back.

"Are you okay?" I could see him looking at me out of the corner of his eyes.

"That's crazy; do you deal with that all the time." I ask.

"No, but you know, people love a juicy story." He said.

I didn't say anything.

"Someone probably seen us together. So yea' news travels fast."

"You can say that." I said.

Two cars were still following us for the last thirty minutes. We have just basically been driving over the city. I was officially lost; this place is huger then I thought.

Out of no where we pulled up to a Mexican place.

"Come on." He said. Getting up he hurried over and opened my door for me. Once again he looped our fingers together and pulled me inside.

The air smelt amazing. I now know how hungry I am. I can't help but think that these guys better be good cooks.

"Two?" Said a young man who had a red shirt with no name tag. Huh, how are people to know their names if they have no name tag.

"Hey, Jake, yes, thanks." Said Keegan.

I couldn't help but see Keegan look over his shoulder at the door.  

"Are they following you?"

"Yea' there following Megan and I."

"I could flip the sign?" Jake said. Wait, does Jake means the 'we're open' sign. Won't they loss business?

"No, it's fine." Keegan said.

We hardly talked the whole time we eat. But it wasn't a odd quite; at less for me. He did make me smile a little. And I listened to him tell a few stories.

For a blink of a second I forgot everything.  

Keegan paid for the food. I was a bit iffy going out. I was afraid there was going to be dozens of people but there wasn't a soul.

Pulling up to his place he once again opens my door for me and loops our fingers together. I don't mind one bit but I don't wont to get to close to him; seeing I can't stay here forever. Even if... I can't even finish to think of the rest of that sentence. It's not like I can stay, I would have to go home, tell the few people who would care and move on with my life which I can't see myself doing.

Following him into his place I looked around.

"It's a shame." Did I just say that out loud?

"Yes, it's a shame this great food had gone to waste." Keegan said.

"Let me clean up." I offered as the mess wouldn't have been there if I wasn't.

"No, let me. After all you did cook it all." Keegan said.

"Yes, but I'm a guest." I said.

"Yes, exactly you're a guest." I could see this going on for hours.

"Fine..." I said. He smiled thinking he just won this battle.  

"We'll, clean it together." I smirked at him.

We cleaned everything but the dishes as we made the choice to wash them together. I turned the water on and it sprayed him. I look at his shirt there was spots of water all over him. Next thing I knew he flicks some water at me; getting me wet. I make a face at him and try to splash him again but he moved and it landed on the floor.

He went to splash me but I moved, and I slipped in the water. I went to fall down but I grabbed the closest thing which happened the be Keegan. I pulled him down with me. He landed right on top of me.

I knew I was blushing so I wouldn't look him in the eyes. He was now chuckling to myself; which was making me giggle.

I finally looked at him. He was already looking at me. He smiled bigger at me, I smiled back. Out of nowhere he lend down and kissed me.  

At first I kissed him back, there was a part of me who want to stay this way but then there's a part that wants to keep a wall between us. I pushed him away a little. I wouldn't look him in the eyes.


"Don't." I cut him off in a soft voice.

"What!" He yells and sits up.

I just look at him. Unsure what to say.

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