This can't be happening

A young girls experience during the rebellion and the Hunger Games.


4. Chapter Three - To Fight or to Escape

 Four months later

At first I felt like I could never feel anything ever again but after Justin left I felt anger.

Anger at the Capital for treating us unfairly.

Anger at the districts for rebelling.

Anger at the soldiers for killing Ally.

Anger at Justin for leaving.

I hid for a while, my anger growing stronger, but soon I couldn’t contain it. I went and found to rebel soldiers and told them I wanted to fight.

I killed any Capital soldier I saw and I became known as a killing machine.

I am walking along the street holding my gun and I see a soldier walking around. He isn’t a rebel.

I ready my gun and aim it at him. I fire.

It hits his chest, not killing him straight away but he will die eventually.

I walk over, I look down at him and then I realise that I’ve seen him before, just before I found my sister dead.

“You were there when my sister was killed.” I say as calmly as I can. “She was 11, and you killed her.”

“I…. Don’t….. Kill…… Children…..” The soldier says, gasping for breath.


He looks at me. He doesn’t look much older than me, I feel a little bit bad.

“I had no choice, the have my mother in…..”

As last words he could have at least finished his sentence.

I close his eyes and put his hands on his chest. I do this whenever I kill someone. Then at least they die with some respect.

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