You (A Calum Hood Fan Fiction )

Everyday for me is another 24 hours, another 1440 minutes and another 86400 second reminding me of YOU.

Clarissa had never got what she wanted, where on the other hand he best friend Ella received it all; the grades, the looks and the guy she was in love with. But the worst thing that she regretted, was falling for the wrong guy. However, when jealousy arises, what would Clarissa do? Will she still have her best friend or the guy she love or will things be completely turned up side down?

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2. YOU can't deny Chemistry

It was not hard denying my feelings for Calum. But the issue was ignoring them, he was like my own drug that after one taste, I was hooked. To the way he brushed his hand over his hair and glanced up made my heart flutter, to even they way his hoarse voice spoke. It was the little things which kept my mind spinning. As I try to ignore it, it would always remind. Not even my head continually being smashed into brick wall to make me forget.


I knew I wasn't the only one and that too became my issue. I stare at the back of his head and evaluate the current situation. There wasn't any dramas or disagreements, but my feeling being constantly pushed and bullied into a corner and left there for what feels like eternity. I began dwelling on the question he had asked before, 'are you okay?' What if I said that was wasn't and I was sick and tired of being his toy that if he wanted that I would be there and when he was bored move on and I could be chucked back. No, that wasn't the strategy or game that I was playing and doing to be trapped in check mate. I wanted to be the guitar pick that he had when he played his very first fig. Something that she would cherish and love forever. I guess nothing could last forever, YOU taught me that.

"Okay, class please open your books to chapter 6 page 312" Mr. Lance monotonous voice startle and I felt my nerves come back to life.

"Daydreaming, I see" tapping my textbook as the rest of the class let out a little giggle. Observing and press my chin to my shoulder to ensure that my social securities were dramatically damaged. However, lately, my ability to make things disappear was extremely in lack of. I brush the hair falling onto my head and tried to hide as I placed my head down in completely and utterly in shame.

"Okay, Emily could you please read the first paragraph."

I felt a sense of relief as my hatred of reading in class was immense. It began during the the fourth grade when I was took to read but due to the lack of confidence in pronunciation, I pronounced  'persuade' as 'peesuade' and I emphasize greatly on the 'pee'. During the whole year I was known as Clarissa the girl who peed, metaphorically. They could make constant jokes like, 'hey Clarissa how was the toilets or have you peed, we wouldn't want an accident. I was forever scared. I muted everything and focused on the work.

"Answer the questions from one to ten. Make sure you write the question and answer" raising his eyebrow as I assumed his lack of tolerance was prevailing.

The sound of his deep voice awakens me and brings me back into reality, which I clearly needed. But the question about whether if I was okay, I still couldn't wrap myself to think whether if I said I wasn't. To finally tell him the truth that I wasn't. I turn the pages of my rotten, hand-me-down text to the page. The title, 'Balancing formulas'. There was something peaceful in balancing equations. Knowing that each side needed to be equal or heard. In the matter that the equation will be incomplete without each side having the same amount, equal. Call me a nerd but I understood chemistry and therefore I loved it. As my theory was if you understood you enjoy. 

"In order to balance formulas, each side must be equal. Without equality simply it would be unbalance. For example, the molecule of water, H20, the decomposition of this is H2 and 02. Since hydrogen is 2 but oxygen is 2 but on the other side its only 1." As he drew 'H20  ----> H2 + 02'

"solve this, first to solve it will get a bag of chocolate" sir added

I could see the confusion surfacing as people pulled faces and the determination had hit once he pulled out the bag of chocolates. I mean, no one can deny that. He turned around and I froze, his smile and confused face was adorable and priceless.

"Hey, do you get this crap?" he said as he raises his eyebrows and expected me to know.

No words would come out of my mouth. I probably looked like a statue, an idiot statue.

"...umm, hey, earth to Clara" He gave me a nickname. No one had gave me a proper well, decent nickname. I liked it.

"sorry, I was just looking at the equation... I do actually." But the truth was I wasn't just looking at the equation.

"you just add a 2 in front of the H2, both of them. Becoming..." as I drew on the paper 2H20 ---> 2H2 + 02.

"please explain more" he added. It was like in those movies when the guy becomes completely oblivious but knows the answer but instead to ask the girl to help. I knew that he knew as he is the one who taught me how to do this 'crap'. 

"Do you remember how to do this? Remember you taught me ?" I added

"Yeah, ummm,  but I don't seem to get them anymore." Could this be true, or did he actually wanted to talk to me? Or was this the only way that Ella wouldn't see. I just could never understood the minds of boys. It was as complicated and confusing as he found this. Either way we were communicating which was good. It wasn't awkward like before when I found out what happened. He told me that he hadn't told anyone but me and this secret I couldn't keep forever too. Things were just complicated and nothing would ever be fine or normal.

"Thanks Clara, I could always count on you"

"No worries" I reply as he turn back and faces the board. Hopeless, I mean it is deja vu all over again. Once I give what he wants I am tossed and back into that 'pile'. The class continues and I am back to the beginning of the class when I was staring at his head. Great.

"Sir, can we listen to music?" I could hear in the background and hoping he would say yes.

"Sure." I immediately grab my phones and searching for my headphones. I toss my bag practically upside down, but no headphones where found.

"Crap" I say

"whats wrong?" I was seriously sick and tired of him always asking what was wrong or if I was okay. But a part of me did, as it showed that he cared, showed interest with my problems. Little did he knew, he was one of them.

"argh, I just can't find my headphones, I need though to focus. I guess I left them at home" I mumble on.

He looks down at his feet and back up. I never understood why they look at their feet. I mean it is just feet.

"you could listen with me, no one is sitting next to me too" indicating to the spare sit and ear piece. I wasn't going to deny listening to music. Plus I was a tad curious to the music he was listening to. As the common saying that music is the open to someones soul. The class fell silent as everyone was drowned of their music and work. The four walls encased what I was feeling I noticed as I search around. White, boring and predicable. Like the walls I too need colour splashed across. How was I going to achieve this without being the girl who is always isolated in classes. 

"Sure. Thanks" I finally gave him an answer. He began moving his stuff aside and making space. For the rest of the lesson we were the only voices heard in the classroom. I felt like I knew him more and more as each second passed. I knew about his childhood and how he peed his pants as he was nervous during his presentation. Or when his voice was cracking during his speech and it was like a two people where talking. One high pitched and the other deep. I could feel that he had trusted me and not ignored me. We had, how cliché this sounds, but you couldn't deny we shared chemistry.

"Okay, class, bell is going to go, pack up" Mr. Lances informs us. Did we seriously talk for that long? It felt as though time stopped and it was just me and him talking. I began packing and as we waited for the bell he said.


"Hey, you should hang with us on Friday, we are playing and I really hope you can come."

"umm, s-sure"

"Okay cool, I see you there" he smiled and did that thing with his lip which made my heart flutter and stop at the same time. Could this be happening? I pinch myself and try to wake me up. But this was purely reality.

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