You (A Calum Hood Fan Fiction )

Everyday for me is another 24 hours, another 1440 minutes and another 86400 second reminding me of YOU.

Clarissa had never got what she wanted, where on the other hand he best friend Ella received it all; the grades, the looks and the guy she was in love with. But the worst thing that she regretted, was falling for the wrong guy. However, when jealousy arises, what would Clarissa do? Will she still have her best friend or the guy she love or will things be completely turned up side down?

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3. YOU and your misleading ways

It had been exactly one hour since he had asked me out, or was that purely out of friendship context. But nothing could hide the smile that was creeping up as I walked down the gloomy hallways, before they seemed as the hallways leading to my depression state and the extremely colour of pale white wall gave the impression of a metal institution and now, it seemed as though everything was moving slowly as I swift through. The multiple dull faces and clear visible dark circles encompassing their eyes sense fear and gave the place a new level of dull. Everyone was moving but only just, one kid had attempted to balance his books with his half eaten lunch, he jingled as he mixed hands to keep but his food and books off the ground, but gravity caught up with him. Another, leaning on a locker with knees tucked in, biting hat was left of her nails as she stared at the boy's lunch on the floor. Her pupils had widened and her lips coloured when she licked her lips grabbing the bottom half with her front teeth. She became inclined on only the half eaten chicken sandwich.  Depression was embraced and adapted onto the students. The dark painted over windows reflected emotions. The school had changed dramatically over the years, as socially standards rose while feelings were dropped. But for me it seemed as though the dark windows shattered and revealing the beautiful green grass and the grace of nature as peaceful animals cherished it. Where, the pale white walls were splattered with the luminous colours of the rainbow covering the mark of white.


It just felt that the world was in my favour for once and everyone was feeling what I felt before. I enter the canteen with the metal lockers placed across each walls encircling the canteen, located in the far west north corner from the entrance door. Already, the lines were filled with impatient teenagers hungry for any pieces of food. Each growled like lions who haven't eaten and only one piece of meat left, it was wild. I made my way down to my locker and the far end and in opposite direction of chaos. Though my stomach did begin to rumble but my tolerance was in an all time high. As I came closer to my locker, I began thinking of what classes I have left for today and wondering what class would in tale.


I placed my hand on the black knob and turned three left times to my first number, twice right to my second and finally back left once on my third. I confidently pull down the lock in hoped of detaching from the locker.


“Argh” as I remember it was right, left then right.


I attempted again and my try became an accomplishment. I looked down at the glued timetable on the door of the locker, looked down and notice I had double maths.


“Great” I said to myself. I grabbed my books and shut the door of the locker


“Talking to yourself again” he came out of nowhere.


“No…” I smiled back


He began to giggle at my complete idiotic behaviour and my ways to try to deny it. I loved the way how I could get him looking off guard looking at his feet to shadow his shyness. His toned face and high-boned cheeks suddenly flushed bright red as he places his left hand behind his neck and try to spill words out of his mouth.


“S-s-so, you w-whata-a eat lunch? Together?” he added and I too found myself staring at my feet and feeling my cheeks bring burnt under his perfection.  


As though as I hate to admitted it, but every time when his around I can’t help but smile, every time he is around I feel as though my heart will beat so fast that my mind just wouldn’t comprehend and my heart will just burst out of my chest. The way he had opened the door for me like a true gentleman and one the way out he had held me at the waist, what a 'couple' would actually do.


"hey mate" his friend had came, for the duration that I had knew him I have never meet his friends, it felt weird. He showed his hand to mine, but I was in amazed about how huge his hands where. It startle me as they where huge, and the rumours rumbled through my mind like a child with curiosity.


His monotone voice was beautiful "um, you shake it."


"Oh, sorry" as I return his hand shake as he let out a cute childish laugh


"I'm Luke..." as he brushed back his lush blonde brown hair with his fingers. It was something about his voice that was melodic and just melts your heart.


"... I'm in the band with Calum" he finished


I turned in complete shock "Calum, I never knew you played or singed"


"There is plenty you don't know about me" he smiled


"Well, it was greatly meeting you" as Luke when off. He was the in grade higher than me and Calum, but around the same age. I guess he started school early.


We continued walking together and sat and a spot in the school's front yard. Wide glances followed me and Calum as we made are way across. I flat out my skirt and placed my palms softly on my head to ensure that nothing was on my head that caused the weird and awkward glances.


"How are you?" he said as if trying to stir up conversation, but I hated everyone asking if I was okay, I mean how many freaking times would that question could be asked. It was cute that he was concern but I just hated the way he presented.


He brought out a box of cupcakes with the icing on each cupcake a letter. It spelled out my name with a heart cupcake at the end.


"I had made these for you"


I hated the way he always made me smile "aww, thanks" he gave a sense of vulnerability that I hated. But the worst thing, was I hated the way that you making me fall for you even knowing I would get hurt. From a distance I could see Ella making his way here.


"Hey guys" she said as she sat straight in his lap. But his immediately reaction was to hide away the cupcakes and completely ignored me.


"How was the excursion?" he asked


Then she continued on and one while I sat there being completely invisible.


"Hey, I am just going to go" as I wanted to ignore being ignored


"Bye" they both said in unison.


I missed judged everything, I couldn't hold in anymore, water came rushing down the corners of my eyes and it just couldn't stop. I ran and ran until I bumped into you.


Your face spelled shock as I could see in your hazel eyes your concern. It wasn't a concern consisting of 'are you okay?' No, no words needed but you knew exactly what I wanted and that was a hug.

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