The Legend of Clementine

I'm not good at blurbs... So. Um.
I'll write this when I get a little further into the book xD for now, I hope you enjoy!


1. Prologue



It was cold. It was pitch black. She searched through the menacing nothingness, but she couldn't find a thing. Her heart thudded in her chest, and she hurriedly ran through the darkness, searching for something that didn't come to mind.

For some reason, goose flesh began to form on her arms and the back of her neck. At first Clementine couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was, but after straining in the silence she finally heard what was causing my body to react so... Violently. Hissing. Her heart sped up, and her breath came in quick, shallow gasps as her aimless searching became more frantic, more troubled and searching. The hissing... The hissing was gaining on her. Sweat beaded on the girl's forehead, and although she couldn't see it, Clementine could feel droplets running down the line of her spine. She fought the urge to scream when faint footsteps sounded behind her, and her pace picked up as she somehow navigated her way through the darkness.

A sharp, desperate cry left her throat, though her breath gushed out of her when a large amount of force hit her at the small of her back. Strong and unrelenting arms wrapped themselves around her waist like vines, and she was pinned face-down on the ground. She heard low pants from behind her, and a masculine grunt as she was flipped over onto her back.

The second her arms were free, Clementine used them to try and escaped the vice-like grip of the man above her. He seemed to have extraordinarily quick reflexes, though -- just her luck -- as his hands quickly moved from her waist to pin her arms above her head. She cursed under her breath as he sat on her stomach, and grimaced, feeling the familiar sting of tears attempting to leave her eyes. She examined the top of the man's head as she caught her breath, noting the colour of his hair, which was black of the darkest shade. Their breathing seemed to be in sync. She quickly changed the pattern of her breathing, slightly disturbed by the fact that they had almost sounded like one person.

Their breathing eventually slowed and became even, his before hers. Their breathing wasn't in time, thankfully, though the boy seemed to notice this caused Clementine discomfort and purposely matched her breathing pattern once again.

And then, he looked up, and she saw his face.

His features were perfect and masculine, and so beautiful she could have sworn they were carved out of marble, from the curve of his cheek bone, to his nose, to his strong jaw line. His tousled, ink-black hair framed his features perfectly.

Glancing down at his torso, Clementine could see that even his body was beautiful, thanks to his shirtless nature. Small beads of sweat glistened as they travelled over the skin of his chest and stomach, where rock hard muscle made it's presence known in the form of abs and an 'Apollo's belt'. Her face heated in embarrassment, and for once she was grateful that it was dark. Even so, her eyes could help but drift upwards to his face again.

To his eyes.

His eyes were intense, and just as beautiful on their own as the rest of him combined. They were a colour that was impossible for the human race, beautiful and sorrowful.

But sorrow wasn't the only emotion in his eyes. There was a deep longing that she could see, possibly pushed back to the furthest edges of his mind.

And she could see why. There was anger, anger and hate smothering any good emotions that he may have felt towards her. The low hissing sound started up again, and she watched as the boy's lips moved, hearing no words. Uncomfortable, she listened more closely to the hissing, tensing when she realised that it was not a hiss, but a whisper. A whisper coming from the boy.

"You are mine," he hissed, "and if I say you must die, you must do it!"

Clementine heard a dull, muffled scream, only to realise that it was her own.


Her eyes snapped open.

Clementine quickly sat up in her bed, not sure whether she was feeling dizzy because she had gotten up too rapidly or because of her quick, panicked breathing. Her chest rose and fell with the deepness of each breath, and with time, her breaths slowed to a calm and even rhythm. She pressed her hand against her somewhat sweaty forehead, her body trembling in what she assumed was either fear or excitement. She assumed it was fear, due to her insanely strong urge to cry.

As she wondered what she possibly could have been dreaming about, her foggy and fearful mind managed to collect fragments of the vivid nightmare, even though they were already beginning to slip from her memory. Yet somehow, there was one thing that she just couldn't shake. Something she couldn't un-see, something from her dream that was revolving around and around her brain.

It was a pair of eyes. Eyes that were such an intense blue colour that it couldn't have possibly been a human's pair of eyes that she had seen. It was the blue colour you saw just before sunrise, or the blue colour you saw when you pressed against your eyelids. They were completely open, staring at her with calculated menace.

They were framed with thick lashes, black as the shadows. They were dark, and mysterious, and Clementine couldn't shake the mixed emotions of fear, longing and uncertainty that seemed to mix together inside of her and embed themselves in the deepest, darkest corner of her heart.

She wanted to tell herself it wasn't real, and that it was just a dream. But she couldn't. It felt far too vivid and real to be a dream; she could tell from the little snippets that she had remembered.

Clementine shook her head, trying to calm herself. She somehow managed to stop her body from trembling, and kicked off her blankets, sitting cross-legged in the centre of her double bed.

She glanced quickly at her bedside table, at her digital alarm clock, which bathed the room in a soft green light.

01:03 am.

Brilliant, Clem thought dryly. Just freaking brilliant. Surely nothing bad could happen at one in the morning, when I'm all alone, in the dark, scared, tired... Did I mention I was alone?

She shivered. Stop it, she thought, you're making yourself worry over nothing. It was just a nightmare! 

Clementine shivered again. Even her thoughts had a false note to them. How was she supposed to convince anyone that it was simply a nightmare when she didn't believe what she was saying, let alone herself?

She pinched the bridge of her nose, groaning inwardly. She tilted her head downward, shutting her eyes tightly and chewing on her bottom lip in fear and anxiety. Clementine held this position for a while, until she eventually dropped her hand. She took a deep, slow breath, and sighed. Her body temporarily relaxed, the tension in her shoulders easing. Calm your pants, Clem, she thought as she slowly laid down on her bed again, it was just a nightmare. Put on your big girl panties, build a bridge and get over it. You'll be fine.

Even when she was assuring myself that everything was fine, she still couldn't sleep until at least another hour had passed. Lucky me.



Hello readers! This is my first ever movella! I'm so excited to finally get started. My friend on here has been bugging me to start, so I have! Please like, fav and/or comment if you enjoyed :D


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