I should never have come (Movellas Monthly Competition)

Entered in E.H.Weaver's competition. Romance.Slightly mature.


1. Casey

Casey straightened her tie as her and her best friend walked past the Principal's Office. 

"You're such a worry, Casey! Who cares about a Detention?"

"I do, I just, hey, is that guy new?"


"There, leaning against the lockers."

"Oh yeah, that's Alex Smith, he's a transfer from England. He's soooo dreamy, don't you think?"

"No." Replied Casey abruptly.

"Oh come on Casey, we still need dates for the disco, remember?"

"I'd rather not go at all than go with him!"

"What, but you hardly know him?"

"Yeah, but look at him! Top five buttons undone, hair all gelled, smiling at all the girls, he's soooo phoney!"

"Come on, first bell's gone, History first!"


"You can be so annoying sometimes Casey, let's go!"

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