I should never have come (Movellas Monthly Competition)

Entered in E.H.Weaver's competition. Romance.Slightly mature.


2. Alex

History class was a bore for Casey and her best friend Leila. The only thing that caught Leila's attention was the new boy sitting in the seat behind her. Casey practically slept the whole way through. As the bell rang, Casey was knocked off her feet by her ex-boyfriend Robin. She seethed with anger. He was the whole reason she'd become classified as a - nerd. Casey was helped to her feet by Leila and, Alex, Alex Smith. She studied his tanned face carefully as he smirked her. Suddenly a thousand butterflies started flapping in her belly and electricity shot through her where Alex had touched her arm. No. This couldn't be. No. No. No. Casey couldn't, could she? Could Casey Brooke really be falling for a phoney like Alex Smith? Yes, she smiled at him and muttered her thanks. Then Leila and her went to get some things from their lockers. A boy came and tapped Casey on the shoulder.

"There's a note for you, from Alex Smith." Casey took it. Written in a neat hand was '072 345 666' she smiled secretly to herself.

"Thanks." Casey had a feeling that this was the start of something truly amazing.

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