"I wish I could get away from here. I wish people would treat me like I'm worth something." I said aloud to myself. I looked over at my Louis Tomlinson poster hanging on the wall. "I know you would." I said to it. "I see how you treat Eleanor. You treat her like a princess. I wish I was lucky enough to be treated like that. Maybe even by you." A single tear fell down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away. I sat down in my windowsill and stared at the night sky. A glimmer of light caught my eye. I looked over and saw it. A star. It shined brighter than any star I've ever seen. "I wish I could be someone else. Someone who knew Louis." I whispered. I took a deep breath. "I wish I could be Eleanor Calder."


1. Stupid Reality



A One Direction Fan-Fiction


Sydney's P.O.V.

I stared at the boy hanging on my wall. I love everything about him. His white smile, his unique voice, his soft, brunette hair, everything. Especially his brilliant blue eyes. I just get lost every time I look into them. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to meet Louis. Psh, yeah right.

"Sydney! Come on! You're going to be late!" my mom called from downstairs. I let out a long sigh. Stupid reality. I grabbed my backpack that was laying on my bed and swung it over my shoulder. I looked at myself in the mirror. Great. I look like one of the seven dwarfs. Well it's not my fault I have to wear a sweater. It's September in Montana. Not the warmest month of the year.

I jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Good morning, sweetie!" my mom said, way too happily for a Monday morning. "Hey." I grunted. "Aren't you happy for your first day of high school?" she asked me. "Not really." I sighed. I walked out the door and to the car. She followed me out, along with my twin little brothers, Caleb and Carter.

I'm one of six kids. I'm right in the middle. I have my older brother, Cory, my older Sister, Sophie, me, my little sister, Scarlet, and the twins. We live in a small house so there isn't really any privacy between all eight of us.

I got into the car and we drove off. I stared out the window. I felt my mom rub my arm. I looked over at her. "Honey, I know your sad about Julia but I know it's going to be fi-." "Mom drop it. Please." I told her. She let out a sigh and looked back at the road. Julia Cook was my best friend. But she, well, never mind. I don't want to talk about it.

We arrived at the elementary school to drop of the twins. "Behave you two." my mom told them with a stern tone on her voice. They are always getting into mischief. They slammed the car door and walked inside the school. I stayed quiet and kept staring at the scenery we passed. It's beautiful here. Lots of mountains and wildlife. My mom kept trying to start conversations but I always stopped her.

We got to the high school. My mom started to get out of the car but I stopped her. "Mom, I'm 14. I don't need my mommy to walk me in." I told her. She gave me a sad smile. "My little baby is growing up." she whispered. "Mom don't start." I groaned. She chuckled. "Have fun!" she called to me. I waved and she drove away.

I walked inside the big, unfamiliar school. "Sydney!" someone yelled. I turned my head. "Hey, Meg." I said to my friend, Megan. She wrapped her arms around me. I hugged back. "Isn't it great here?" she asked excitedly. I shrugged. "I don't know. Is it?" "Oh, come on, Syd. Be positive! I mean look around. I don't think I've ever been in the same room with so many hot guys before! I mean, look at that guy!" she said pointing to a tall brunette boy. I groaned. "That's my brother." I told her. Her face turned pink. "Oops. Sorry. But he is pretty hot." she admitted.

I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. "Hey Sydney." a voice said from behind me. I turned around. Oh my god. "H-hi Kaden." I stuttered. Wow. Kaden Goff. I've always thought he was cute but, now he's hot! "I guess we're locker buddies!" he said excitedly. I nodded nervously as he opened the locker right next to mine. "Well, see you later." he said, flashing his brilliant smile before walking away. "Well, he's changed." Megan said from behind me. "Yeah, tell me about it." I said, flabbergasted.

I got my books and went to my first class, Science. I sat down in my chair and pulled out my notebook. It had Louis Tomlinson on it. 'Live original.' it read. Psh, all that would do is get me in trouble.

"Nice notebook." a mean sounding voice said. I looked up at the tall girl staring own at me. "Oh, umm, thanks." I said nervously. She picked it up. I tried to grab it back. "Ha! I thought this band was for 8 year old girls!" she said. "Well, it's not." I mumbled. "And isn't this Lewis? He's the gay one, right?" she asked. My head shot up at her. "It's Louis." I snapped and I grabbed the notebook from her tight grip. "And he's not gay. He's dating Eleanor Calder." "Sucks for you." she said before sitting down behind me.

I sighed and slumped down in my chair. I stared at the boy on the notebook. 'Oh, Louis.' I thought to myself. 'I wish I could get out of here and be with you. You wouldn't treat me like this.' I felt something wet hit my neck. I reached back and felt it. Gross! A spitball. I heard that girl laughing hysterically.

"Jerk." I said under my breath. "What did you call me?" she asked standing up. "Nothing." I said quickly, looking down so I didn't have to look into her devil-like stare. She slammed her hands down on my desk. The whole class went silent. "Listen doll-face," she said through gritted teeth. "You make think you're all pretty and stuff, but you don't need to sass around here. Unless you want to end up in the office with a black eye."

She smirked at me. Actually, having a black eye sound a lot more pleasant than a having sweaty sumo wrestler breathing death into your face. I looked down at the ground. She chuckled. "That's what I thought."  She sat down in her seat just as the teacher walked in.

I let out a long, sad sigh. This would be a lot better if Julia was here. She would have beaten up this girl the minute she put her greasy fingers on my notebook. Cause nobody messes with 'our boys', as we used to call them. I smiled at the thought of my directioner friend. Oh how I missed her. "Miss Stone? Are you listening to me? I've called your name 3 times now." the teacher said, clearly annoyed. "Oh sorry. Here." I said raising my hand.

What a great way to start the school year. I have a teacher who probably thinks I am deaf, a friend who has a crush on my brother, my locker is right next to the hottest guy in my grade that I can barely talk around, and to top it all off I have a ticking time bomb sitting behind me. I looked down at my notebook. 'Oh, well. At least I have you.' I said in my mind to Louis. He just smiled back. Ugh, I wish he could come and take me away from this hell. Cause I don't know how many spitballs can fit on my neck, but I'm sure that that girl isn't afraid to find out.


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