The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold

What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal teenage girl has been dreaming of things.. strange things. So what will she do when those dreams become reality? A different take on The Mortal Instruments. Book One; City Of Gold.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6. Gone

Clary stepped out onto the foot path outside of Luke's home. Her head was spinning. There were so many more questions she wanted to ask her mother but she found it difficult to believe what she was saying. How could it be possible? How could demons exist? She shook the thoughts from her mind and focused on her breathing.

She turned left and headed down along the street towards a small club she knew of. One she had walked past many times but had never been inside.

She came to the front of the club and looked up to the sign. She tried to read the name of the bar but some sort of symbol covered the words. She squinted and looked closer at it. She swore she ad saw that symbol before, but she couldn't remember where.

The security guard standing at the entrance looked at her, 'Can I help you miss?' he questioned.

She looked at him in shock, suddenly seeing him for the first time. He had blue hair and sharper teeth than a normal human being. His eyes were purple, but faded into blue. Clary ignored it, assuming he was just going for a different look.

'What does that symbol mean?' she asked pointing at the sign.

He looked at her and flashed her a smile, revealing a snake-like tongue in his mouth, 'Come with me.' He said, leading Clary inside.

The club was half full, people sitting along the bar drinking or out on the floor dancing. She noticed that they were all human beings. Not strange like this security guard. One thing she didn't notice though, was that not one person noticed her or the guard enter the club. The man came to a stop in the corner of the dance floor and turned to her.

'What are you doing here?' he asked her.

Clary frowned, unsure how to answer the question.

He reached up and clamped his hands around her neck, 'answer me little shadowhunter.' He growled.

Clary thrashed around under his grip but it was too strong. She opened her mouth and tried to scream but his hand tightened around her throat.

'Don't bother, they can't see us.' He laughed.

'But I can.' Clary heard a boy say from behind the guard.

He released his grip on her throat and pushed her to the ground. Her hands reached for her neck, rubbing it and gasping for breath, she looked up to see Jace behind the security guard.

'Another one?' the man growled.

'And the last one you will see.' Jace laughed and swiftly pulled a blade from his back and slammed it into the heart of the man.

Clary screamed and skittered back into the very corner of the room. The guard disappeared in a flash and all that was left was a small puddle of black blood on the ground.

'What the hell?' She yelled, still rasping for breath. Red marks were appearing around her neck.

'Are you alright?' Jace asked coming to her side.

He helped her up and put both hands on her shoulders, causing her to face him.

'You just killed a human? You're a killer!' She shouted.

'That was not a human.' Jace said simply. 'Demon's can take on the form of any living creature, you can't trust anyone.'

'Why should I trust you then?' She questioned him.

'Well I did just save your life.'

Clary stared at him, than looked at his hands. She grabbed one of them, pulling up the sleave to look at the black markings.

'Runes.' She whispered, 'You are a shadowhunter too. Mum was telling the truth.' Clary managed to whisper.

Jace just looked at her, 'You mean, you don't know that you are a shadowhunter.'

Clary shook her head, 'well I didn't until today.'

The two heard a cough and turned to see Alec staring at them. Jace removed his hands from Clary's shoulders and looked at him.

'Alright, you insisted on following her. She is safe. Now we can go.' Alec snapped.

Clary looked from one boy to the other.

'You followed me?' she asked.

'Well it was a good thing I did.' Jace answered.

Clary saw the look on Alec's face. 'Well I'm fine now thank-you. I have to get back to my Mum. Goodbye.' Clary said walking towards the exit.

'Wait!' Jace called after her, but she was already gone. He stared at Alec angrily.

'What?' Alec said innocently.

'You could try being nice.' Jace said.

Alec looked at him and sighed, not bothering to reply.

'I think we can trust her.' Jace finally said.

'And what about her mother? You know who she is tied to.' Alec questioned.

'She didn't know she was a shadowhunter until today.' Jace said in Clary's defence.

Alec gave up, 'Just be careful. The rune to fix a broken heart is the most painful one.'

Clary came to the front door of Luke's and went on inside, 'Mum! Luke?' she called as she came to the lounge and saw that no one was there.

'Mum?' She yelled again.

She went on into the kitchen and looked around. That too was empty. Worry setting in she went through to the bed rooms. That was where she found Luke.

He was laying on the ground un conscious, bleeding from a gash on his forehead and a cut along his arm.

'Luke?!' Clary screamed dropping to his side and shaking him awake.

He groaned and looked up a Clary.

'Luke, what happened?' She asked calmly.

'Your mother.' He managed to get out.

'What?' She asked.

'S...she has been taken.' He said.

'What? By who?'

Luke's eyes re-closed and he started to fall in out of consciousness.

'Luke! Who took my mother?' She shouted.

He mouthed one word.


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