The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold

What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal teenage girl has been dreaming of things.. strange things. So what will she do when those dreams become reality? A different take on The Mortal Instruments. Book One; City Of Gold.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5. Part Of The Truth

Jocelyn's blade slashed down into the demons arm quicker than Clary could comprehend. The left arm that was a clone of her mother's fell to the ground and a black goo sprayed from the wound. The demon screamed a scream that Clary would never forget and sprung for Jocelyn. In one swift movement she had raised her sword again and had sliced off the creatures other arm. More demon blood sprayed from its body as it snapped at Jocelyn and tried to tackle her to the ground.

Clary watched on in complete and utter shock. Jocelyn jumped to the side quick enough to avoid the tackle and slammed the sword in her right hand down into the demons back, making it disappear in a black mist. Blood covered the ground; demon blood.

Clary fell to the ground in shock. What the hell had just happened?

'Clary!' Her mother yelled dropping her weapons and running to her daughters side.

'M…Mum…please… what is going on.' She begged for answers.

'Come on darling, get up and lest get you to Luke's. I will explain further there.' She replied.

Clary nodded numbly and slowly, with her mother's help, got to her feet.

'I'm so sorry Clary.' She whispered.

That was the last thing Clary heard before she passed out.

When Clary next awoke she was laying on Luke's couch in the living room of his house. She could hear the mumming of voices around her. She kept her eyes closed, and listened.

'Jocelyn, you have to tell her everything. She has a right to know.' She heard Luke say.

'Maybe I can just get Magnus-'

Luke cut her off. 'Jocelyn, no. She is 16. Not a child any more. She was going to find out sooner or later. You can't protect her forever.'

'I can try.' Was all Jocelyn could say.

At that moment Clary's eyes fluttered open.

'Tell me.' She whispered, 'please.'

She saw Luke look at Jocelyn with a 'do It' look on his face.

Jocelyn sighed and sat on the edge of the couch.

'You are not who you think you are. You belong to a stronger kind. Not human, but angel.'

Clary looked at Jocelyn in absolute disbelief. She blinked once, twice, and then opened her mouth, 'are you crazy?'

Jocelyn looked at Luke for support.

'Clary she is being serious. You are a demon hunter. A shadow hunter. Like your mother. Like I was. You are part angel, as we all are.' Luke explained.

'Angel. Warrior. Demon hunter. Have you all been drinking? This is the most messed up stuff I have ever heard. And what do you mean by like you were? What aren't you a hunter anymore? Decided to quit? Because if so I choose to quite too. No way am I getting involved with this.' Clary said sitting up on the couch and getting ready to leave the room. She was not going to sit here and listen to them make up a ridiculous story to hide the truth. She was human. Human.

'Clary,' Jocelyn put her hand on Clary's shoulder, 'Honey, please listen.' Clary noticed a black tattoo like Jace and Alec's was under the sleeve of Jocelyn's arm.

She grabbed her hand and pulled back the sleeve, 'What are these?'

'They are runes. They are like magic, give us power to be able to do things better. This is a healing rune.' Clary looked at it, 'Prove it.'

Jocelyn didn't quite know what to do. She took a steal from her pocket and a knife from the other.

'Clary don't make her do this.' Luke said stepping forward and taking the knife from Jocelyn.

'Luke, let me show her.' Jocelyn took back the knife and placed it to the skin on her hand. And down she pressed, drawing blood. She winced in pain and then handed the knife to Luke. Then, before Clary's eyes, she took the steal from where it sat in her lap and drew the same rune on her arm on her palm. A blue light shined from the tip of the steal as she drew the sign.

Clary's mouth dropped, the cut began to heal. In no less than 30 seconds had the wound completely healed.

Clary couldn't say anything, just stared in disbelief.

'So, I'm a shadowhunter. You're a shadowhunter. We hunt demons. These are runes. They give us power. We are part angel.' Clary managed to whisper.

'Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg but it is the main things yes.' Jocelyn nodded.

'So you believe it?' Luke questioned.

'I need some time to think.' Clary stood and headed for the door.

'Clary, I didn't 'quit' being a shadowhunter either. I was forced into leaving because of other reasons.' Luke said before she shut the door behind herself.

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