What if..?

This is Paris, the "freak". She's the one that everyone makes fun of. The one you pushed down today in the hallway. The one you called ugly. The one you called fat. That's her. Paris Marie Grand. Pretty name, hmm? She's so shy everyone doesn't even know her name. They call her Annie. What if one day, she will be the most popular girl in school?


3. Ouch..

Paris' POV**

We arrive at school, my sister looking down at her iPhone 5s. Her 7k followers on Instagram.. 1k on Twitter..... even more on Facebook.... okay maybe I'm jelly.

My sister says bye and goes in her own ways. I walk down the hallway with my head held low, exactly like my self esteem. I hear whispers.. "Whore" "Slut" "Bitch" I bump into someone. I look up. "He's new.." I think to myself.


The boy-ish almost a man..guy.. (oh forget it) pushes me to the ground. He starts slapping me across the face.. hard..


I see people looking down at me... spinning.

"H-hi.." is all I could make out.


That's when everythang went black.


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