What if..?

This is Paris, the "freak". She's the one that everyone makes fun of. The one you pushed down today in the hallway. The one you called ugly. The one you called fat. That's her. Paris Marie Grand. Pretty name, hmm? She's so shy everyone doesn't even know her name. They call her Annie. What if one day, she will be the most popular girl in school?


2. Mondays

*Paris POV*

I woke up to the sound of my sister's alarm...She's across the hallway from me.. But still! Really. I go through this every morning. 


Ugh, Monday.. Everybody hates Mondays. I get up and check my phone. Yup, no messages. I don't know why I even bother.

I go to my sister Allie's room and grab her One Direction pillow off the floor. Wtf does she see in them? I pick it up, disgusted, and slap it across her face. 




She groans and throws a pillow back at me. "Get outta my room Paris..." She says and falls back asleep.

"Kay.. be late for school then.." I mumble and skip out of her messy, boy band-filled  room. Blah.

I go into the shower and do the whole you know cleaning... and then brush my teeth and hair. I throw on my brothers old clothes, topping it off with Toms. I then go downstairs and spot my mother drinking her coffee. Along with my 3 other sisters. 

"Hey guys-WHAT? How did you get ready so fast ALLIE??" I say in shock. My sister stands there smiling in her floral dress and matching sandals. She's so... I don't know.. She dresses very... fake.. 

"Oh y'know, I'm fabulous.. I can get ready in minutes..." Allie says and smiles yet again. I roll my eyes. 

"Oh come on let's go we're gonna be late!" I say. "Oh sh-" My mom gives me a glare.  "shine....? My phone!" I yell. I run upstairs, grab my phone, and run back downstairs. 

"HURRY UP YOU SLOW OLD LADY!!" I hear my sister scream. 
"COMING OMFG!!" I say back. 

"Kay leggooooooooo!!" Allie says. 

"Bye mom!" We both say together and skip (well Allie does) I walk out the door. YAY school........


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