What if..?

This is Paris, the "freak". She's the one that everyone makes fun of. The one you pushed down today in the hallway. The one you called ugly. The one you called fat. That's her. Paris Marie Grand. Pretty name, hmm? She's so shy everyone doesn't even know her name. They call her Annie. What if one day, she will be the most popular girl in school?


5. Changed

**Allie's POV

12 Missed Calls. 

27 Messages. 

14 Voice mails. 

All from Justin. 

Okay Allie, Just tell him already. Tell him you want to break up. But wait! He might beat you, too. Oh SHUT UP VOICES! Okay you can break up with him if you want to be beat the crap out of.. Oh my gosh. Do it if you want, Allie. No. I can't. So do you really want to date the guy who hurt your sister, hard? Well.. No.. But also, you can be beaten hard if you break his  heart. I can picture it. I can do it. Are you sure? Yes. I would rather be beaten than to have my sister be. Okay you're choice.  Yup. 

-Beep- One new message from Justinnn <3 

Hi.. Um you free Saturday night? Please don't be mad. 

To Justinnn <3 


From Justinnn <3

 Ha you mad bruh? 

To Justinnn <3

No I'm just irritated that I have such an ignorant boyfriend like you. You know it hurt to see my twin sister wince in pain. It hurt to see my brother run away. You know it hurt to see these things? Do you know I have to go to the therapist every Friday? No, you didn't. So you should start thinking before you do stupid things like this. My sister was in the hospital for seven days. One whole week, lifeless. Do you know how much more my heart broke, to see her laying in that bed, lifeless? No. No you didn't. You know, Justin, things changed. Things have changed over these past seven days. You didn't ever visit. Not once. Not even for a second. What kind of boyfriend is that?  Do you know what this means? Yes, probably. We're through. 


Allie's POV-----

I cried after I sent the message. It broke my heart. He did. I expected him to have a broken heart, not me. Well, like I said, things change. He changed. I did. I sigh. What a day. 


Paris's POV**

I watch as my sister types with her nimble fingers quickly, tears streaming down her face. What is she doing? Writing a fanfic or something? I watch as she slowly reads. Over and over. As she starts to get so exhausted from crying. I still watch as she falls asleep.

(Wow I sound like a creep lol)  


Paris's phone goes off with that familiar beep. I leisurely get up from my uncomfortable hospital bed and notice I am bruised from head to toe. I creep up behind Allie and snatch the phone from her hand like a boss. 


From: Justinnn <3 

(This is Paris's thoughts) Wait what? Is this the Justin, the one who supposedly beat me? The one who hurt me, but I don't remember? I keep reading. 

Hey.. Um sorry I didn't know about all of that shit. But I'm still going to hunt you and your weak little twin down and beat you both till you die. Good luck, bitch. 

Holy. Freaking. Crap.  


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