Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


1. The Victims


- Ally's p.o.v - First day First impression nothing to worry about right? WRONG I've been bullied my whole life what i wear today is determining my whole year i opened my wardrobe brushing my brown hair out of my face i picked a silk navy blue shirt and white lacy shorts i slipped my petite body the shirt was fitting in the right places letting my curves show i took my heart locket my dad gave me before he died my lucky bracelets i looked at my floral backpack i fixed my makeup quickly and let my hair flow i picked up my fav mint like converses and walked off i met my Bff on the way Joanna her blonde hair shimmering she wore a fray camisole a plaid shirt over not buttoned nice jean shorts and her fav black boots we walked to the gate were stares came our ways i turned to Joanna with a worried look she whispered in my ear " Don't worry its going to be fine " i sighed i hope so


- Harry's p.o.v - I wore a simple V neck and my fav pants with my airplane necklace my curls well placed I'm waiting at my locker with the 4 other leaders Liam Payne leader of the careless , Zayn Malik leader of the rebels , Niall Horan leader of the musicians , Louis Tomlinson leader of the partys and Me leader of the Lovers my thoughts interrupted by Liam's question " Do u think its going to be easy like las- " he couldn't finish cause 2 ravishing girls walked threw the gates a brunette with blue eyes and a blondie with green eyes i smirked at the boys " This year is going to be a fun year "

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