Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


6. The Party


- Ally's p.o.v - Lana Del Rey Born to die album bursting threw the speakers of in my room i moaned as i looked at the clock 8:30 " Fuck " i yelled Liam's party is in 30 minutes fuck fuck fuck i got up passing around my room i quickly jumped into the shower and rinsed of and dryer quickly Slipped on my Red bra and underwear i jumped into my walk in closet looking for something to wear i slipped on my black jean short shorts and slipped a grey blouse over it, It had an eagle on it  i always loved this shirt , i rushed to my vanity and simply fixed my hair in a fish tail braid a bit of mascara and slapped on some lip balm i picked my ray-bands aviators and put on my red, white and blue converses they were custom made i ran down the stairs at the sound of a honk i picked up my black leather jacket to see Liam and the others i could only put in one foot i had to run outside trying to fit the other in, I was hopping around like the damn easter bunny then i stopped " FUCKKK " i moaned and quickly turned to get my keys and cell phone and ran back out closing the door my way i rushed to the car and hopped in, " What took you so long i was calling you " Joanna said " Sorry sorry i over slept and i had to rush in the shower and... ARGH " i said banging my head in my hands Joanna patted my back " I get you it took me 1 hour to look like this " she said moving her hands up and down herself " Aren't i amazing " she chimed the boys burst out in laughter i looked at Joanna shaking my head then suddenly we heard a honk " Were here " i literally jumped out of the car " LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED BITCHES!! " i said running out of the car " FUCK YOUR A FAST RUNNER " i heard Harry's raspy voice behind i turned now running backward " IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD YOU BETTER RUN FOR IT " i said smirking and picked up the pace Liam's house was deep in the woods and the closer you got closer the more you heard the music i stopped and looked to see if the others were far i walked up to Harry and jumped on him kissing him his hands holding my waist his lips directed himself to my neck, kissing my jaw line making me moan, i jumped down of his reach " Babyyy " he moaned a smirk plastered my face i whispered in his ear " I told you i would make you want me even though you can't " i spinned myself around and walked in i ran straight to the bar and chugged down a bottle of beer the guys and Joanna had already arrived i ask for another beer i got up taking huge gulps of the beer i became tipsy after the 4th beer i felt to hands on my waist grinding on me i spinned myself around and smashed my lips on theirs the kiss was so sloppy with so much saliva but who cares? I wrapped my legs around the boys waist soon there was a croud watching us make out, i moaned slightly as he started kissing my jaw line, i quickly grabbed the boys hand and threw him on the bed he let out a slight goran " Say my name u bastard " i groaned at him and kissed him down slowly " ALLY! " he moaned, He flipped us over kissing my jaw line slowing going down ward " Say my name " he moaned he continued kissing  my collar bone slowly raising my shirt " I would scream it but i don't know your name love " i said kissing him " Louis, Louis Tomlinson" That name, i froze silent and pushed him off me " LOUIS TOMLINSON ?! " I yelled  jumping out of the bed and stared at him " What did i do!? Cant handle being fucked properly? " he said coming closer to me grabbing my waist and kissing me i moaned i slid my arm down his tight jeans i could feel his crotch, how straight it became i rubbed him slowly yet hard enough to hear him moan " FUCK YES ALLY! "he yelled  i removed my hand from his pants and pushed him to the bed and kissed him " If you want to get into these pants you have to play a little game called Come and Get it " i whispered in his ears. I got up and slid downstairs everyone staring at me i shakes my head " ANY OF YOU PERVS WHO THINK I HAD SEX YOUR WRONG JUST SAYING " i said walking down the stairs they're eyes quickly drifted of my gaze, i rushed to the bar and grabbed a bottle i went to the middle of the crowd to see my friends playing " 7 minutes in heaven " " OOO i wanna play " i said sitting next to Joanna " Sure are u done with your bottle cause we kinda need it " she said i looked at my bottle and without hesitation Chugged it, i finished the bottle in one shot and gave it to Joanna " Damn girl knows how to chug her beer " Niall said with a smirk " Oh shut up leprechaun and lets play this shit " i scoffed the beer obviously getting to me. Harry rolled the bottle landing on Joanna i yelled without thinking " GO GET SOME JO JO " i yelled giggling the boys looked at me, my cheeks flushed red after 7 minutes Joanna and Harry came out of the closet i giggled and looked at Joanna " So did you follow my advice to get some? " i whispered wiggling my eye brows " oh shut up! " she said nudging me  suddenly i heard my name being called  i turned to see the bottle had landed on me " Who spinned it ? " i said looking at the boys " Me " Niall said smirking at me " Well lets go little leprechaun maybe there is a Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow " i said walking towards the closet ,once the door was closed i smashed my lips into Niall's i pushed him against a wall he let out a slight moan i pushed i continued kissing him and he kissed me too he slid his tongue without my permission of entrance i kissed him harder pushing my hand threw his hair. There was a knock on the door i could hear Liam's voice " Cmon 7 minutes are over " i smirked and whispered " Just so you know i felt your boner little leprechaun " and opened the door Niall stumbled out his shirt rumpled and his hair out of place a smirked grew on my face " If just 7 minutes of kissing you lands someone like this i wonder how 1 hour of sex would Land me  " Zayn blurted out " Thats for you to find out bad boy "  i said with the same smirk of satisfaction on my face i looked at the time " Fucked already? " the boys and Joanna's eyes stared at me " i have to go sorry " i looked down at my feet " OH WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SECOND SHOE!? Fuckkk " i groaned i picked up my stuff and went upstairs , i heard a door close i turned to see Liam " Shh. Just fucking kiss me I've had enough i can't take it just fucking kiss me! " he moaned walking up to me i wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down my lips connected to his ears " You don't tell me when i kiss you i kiss you when i fucking want to make you scream my damn name " i whispered kissing his cheek " P--Please don't leave me without a taste of your sweet strawberry lips " i was already at the door " Sorry babe but time calls, Time for this bird to fly away " i said with a smirk on my face i walked down the stairs and closed the front door " Im not a slut i just play them at their own game " i thought to my self with a smirk This party was like i said..... Amazing


Wow it took me 2 hours to write this i know i already posted a chapter but i didn't want to leave you guys hanging and also thank you so much for the fans and likes the comments and some of you even favorited Im so happy just thank you so much so here is a treat for you guys enjoy!

xo -Bella

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