Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


14. Revenge is a bitch

 Ally's P.O.V

I sat in my chair bored while the teacher explained something about a Mid-Term.. My mind filled with thoughts of what happened earlier, The day Jenna came back flooded my thoughts, The way i ran away from Harry's Place and that boy i bumped into why did he look so Familiar? The boy's wavy hair, Those Hazel eyes and most of all his Dimples... Wait can it be? No it can't be my ex Ashton right? My thoughts were interrupted by the class door swinging open and a Wavy haired boy stepping in " Hey Im Ashton Irwins " he cooed... Oh fuck. " Ah mr Irwins why don't you sit next to Ally? " my  Biology teacher said turning around facing the board, A smile crept on Ashton's face as he walked over to the empty chair next to me " Hey boo " he whispered scooting his chair closer to mine, My cheeks flushed red as the memories of us came back in my mind. He was my first love and we were the sort of Break up Make up couple.. 

Then i got it, the way to make Harry pay the most easiest and the most harmless way in the book... Make him jealous. A smile crept on my face as i intertwined me and Ashton's fingers " Hi Ashy " i said giggling, " Still the same old Ally i see " he said while chuckling, i smiled. Oh god Harry's gonna get it. The Class went by pretty quickly as me and Ashton walked to my locker Hand in hand, Nobody was there besides Jenna who had an ice pack on her cheek from where i punched her. She sent me a death Glare which i completely ignored i don't have time for some slut to ruin my plans. I turned around and saw the boys walking over to us, I quickly turned around and crashed my lips onto Ashton's he wrapped his arms around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck. We heard someones throat clear, we pulled away as we turned around to see Harry standing behind us His hands crossed over his chest and a Pissed of look on his face. I flashed him a smile " Oh hi Harry! " i said giggling as Ashton wrapped his hands around my waist " Can i er talk to you in private " he said glaring at Ashton who was holding back a chuckle. I hesitated for a bit " Ok cya soon yeh babe " i said pecking Ashton on the lips and walking to Harry who was in the Janitor's Closet.

" You ok Harry? " i asked a smirk smeared on my face " Seriously Ally? The Jealousy game? Babe i said i was sorry.. " he said wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, I smirked " And if i told you that i wasn't trying to make you jealous and that Ashton is my Ex but i still love him would you still think I'm making you jealous? " i whispered in his ears as i slid my hands into his back pocket, He froze as the words flooded out of my mouth. " You see Harry, I know you like me and i like you too ALOT but boo i don't know if your really sorry about what you did... " i said as i began twirling with his hair " Y- You don't know what you do to me at times " he stuttered, i smiled " Revenge is a bitch darling " i said walking away leaving him there..

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