Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


8. Im not Jelous


- Ally's p.o.v - I woke up with a HUGE hangover " Fuckk " i groaned i looked at the time 7:30 " ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME!? " i yelled running to the bathroom and i jumped in the shower i scrubbed all the dirt of me and washed my hair i grabbed my towel and dryed myself quickly i picked up my tooth brush and brushed away and ran to my room i looked for something to wear " UGH THIS IS HELL! " i yelled grabbing a " Bad girls have more fun " Muscle tank and a black bandeau i slipped them on and put on white short shorts i didn't even have time to stare  at my outfits i was going to be late! i brushed my hair and hung it up in a high ponytail i put in my stud earrings and ran downstairs picked my bag and grabbed a pop tart i slipped my feet into my black and white vans i ran to the school without stopping as i walked threw the gates i looked down at my arm to see if i wore my watch " Fuck " i groaned i ran to my locker and opened it quickly Joanna and the boys were there but someone else someone i haven't seen before, well i am new and the only friends i know are these guys and Joanna so of course i haven't seen her stupid! " Joanna Joanna do you know what time it is?! " i asked " 7:45 why? " she said looking at me perplexed " Shit can i just borrow your history book please i left mine at home and i was rushing " i pleaded to Joanna " Oh no sorry i don't have mine either " she sighed patting me, then the red head i saw before said with a thick british accent " You can borrow mine! btw I'm Ella " she said i shot my head up and hugged the girl " Thank you ella! i owe you one! "i yelled bowing she giggled and i took the book i stuffed my stuff in my locker and closed it, i looked at the boys they were on their phones i shaked my head lousy boys i looked at harry then something caught my eye his arm was wrapped around Ella's waist can't be i got so mad my face burned red, Joanna, The boys and Ella looked at me " You ok? " Niall asked his eyes locked on mine  " Peachy " i growled stomping away THAT DAMN PRICK! i yelled i felt two arms wrap around mine the person kissing my neck, i know those lips anywhere  " Little Leprechaun " i moaned " Hey babe, I know why your mad let me guess Harry's new girlfriend? " my cheeks flushed red why is he calling me babe! " Maybe but when did you start calling me babe? " i said turning to face him his hands on my waist and my arms on his neck " Well by the look on your face i think you like it " he said smirking " Oh just kiss me you bastard " i whispered , he crashed his lips into mine i wrapped my legs around him as he kissed me more i started kissing him down his jaw line finding the soft spot behind his neck i smirked and started kissing it, sucking and biting, i am going to make him fucking remember this, a moaned escaped his lips i started kissing his neck and looked the love bite i gave him i fell down out of his reach and landed on my bum i giggled " Look at your neck love, i left you a little gift " i said walking to my locker to get my phone , Niall hot on my chase the boys stopped him " Yo Ni who gave you  the love bite? " his cheeks flushed red and so did mine i looked at my phone so the boys wouldn't see me blush but i totally failed, Louis looked at me and Niall back and forth his eyes lit up then became dark with anger " Your kidding me!? " he said glaring at Niall " What do you mean? " asked Liam " She gave him the damn love bite! " my whole cheeks were red like a tomato, Harry , Zayn ,Liam and Louis were staring at me and Niall, i giggled i took my phone and walked away Niall took my hand and intertwined his with mine and we walked to class Hand in Hand i thought i loved Harry but the games are going to be over tomorrow and he has already found his girl friend so why can't i find my boy friend? i sighed Maybe i am a bit Jealous....


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