Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


16. I love you

Ally's P.O.V

I groaned as i crawled my way out of shower mumbling curse words under my breath god i know its my last day before winter vacation but seriously does it have to be this cold outside?! I finally arrived at my closet as i tore of my towel and slipped on my undergarments. I stared at my closet for about 10 minutes till i decided on wearing my Rolling Stones Long sleeve, a pair of white skinny jeans, my black beanie and my combat boots since it doesn't snow in Cali. I jogged down the stairs to see my parents eating breakfast, i kinda wasn't in the mood for my mothers terrible cooking so i just grabbed a pop-tart , slipped on my leather jacket and plopped my bag over my shoulders. I sighed ever since i had that dream yesterday about Harry i've been feeling way different its probably nothing. I jogged to school to be greeted by Joanna Liam Louis Niall and Zayn.. Wait were the fuck is Harry? " Hey Ally what are you doi - " Joanna said but i cut her off " Where in the hell's name is curly? " i asked raising an eyebrow i saw Joanna's facial expression change from happy to worried " U-Uh h-he's sick " she stuttered staring at the ground. One thing about Joanna is that its very easy for you to tell when she is Lying " Your lying tell me where he is " i repeated my voice raising quite a bit she sighed as she looked back at the boys then at me " Ashton beat him up " Joanna said staring at her Uggs boots.. " W-What did you just say? " i said as my voice became shaky. " She said that Asht- " Louis began but i cut him off " I KNOW WHAT SHE SAY YOU DEMENTED IDIOT " i spat  glaring at Louis who hid behind Liam " Now where is that bastard? " i asked turning my glance to Joanna " Their both at the Canteen the principal is talking to them there " i sighed as i stormed off to the canteen as i walked there tears began blurring my vision at the thought of what could happen to Harry i just hope he is ok... GOD ITS ALL MY FAULT! i thought to my self as i arrived at the canteen tears staining my face. I looked up to see Harry on the floor and Ashton and the principle talking.. I quickly rushed next to Harry and grabbed his hand " Harry " i cooed sadly as the tears poured out of my eyes.. His eyes fluttered open revealing his beautiful green orbs " A-Ally " he stuttered staring at my eyes " Harry! " i cooed giggling i'm so happy that he is alive, i wrapped my arms around him hugging him as he did the same to me. " Im so sorry love did i make you worry i didn't me- " i cut him off by slamming my lips onto his as i wrapped my arms around his neck and his on my waist pulling me closer. We pulled away at the sound of a throat clearing we turned our heads to see Principal Herrings staring at us. I quickly looked down hiding my blush " So i see she's your uhm girlfriend is that it? " he asked glancing at me. Harry nodded i felt my cheeks grow even more red i glanced up to Ashton who had is head in his hands i wonder what happened to him.. " Well were calling an ambulance so they can see if anything has been broken or such so she will be with you in the car correct? " The principal asked and we both nodded " Perfect " he said as he grabbed Ashton and pulled him away from the Canteen leaving only me and Harry. I glanced at Harry who had a smile on his face " God that smile is so cute " i blurted out i quickly covered my mouth as i stared at the ground . I heard Harry chuckle " you think it is? " he said grabbing my waist gently and pulling me closer to him i blushed and nodded as i laid my head on his chest.  " Harry there is something i need to tell you.. " i said staring into his green orbs  " hm what is it? " he asked staring into my blue crystals " I think i l-love you " i said placing my hand on his chest flashing him a smile " I think i love you too " he said flashing me his heart melting dimpled smile  me blush.. Soon enough we heard the sirens of the ambulance approaching us, i sighed and kissed him on the cheek as the paramedics came out and put him on the trolley as i hopped in and we drove away..



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