Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


12. Get even


- Ally's p.o.v -

I groaned as my alarm rung sending vibrations threw out the room i slammed the snooze button and drifted off to the little sleep i have left - 15 minutes later - Its repeating its terrible noise ugh fuck this damn alarm! i drag myself out of bed and jump in the shower.

I finished showering and walked to my room, i slipped on my undergarments and put on a black blouse-ish tank top and Jean shorts, i curled my hair and slipped on a red beanie over it i picked up my blue Jack Wills hoodie and slipped it on i put on my black combat boots and grabbed my backpack jogging downstairs.

I took a chocolate pop tart, said my good byes to my parents and walked to school - 10 minutes later - I walked threw the gates of the school and approached my locker Joanna And the Boys were there, Ugh I'm not fucking dealing with this today! I opened my locker not saying a word, as my hand was about to take my Biology book a High-pitched voice spoke " Ah Ally i see we meet again " oh fuck no " Jenna " i mumbled, i could see Joanna staring at me " So whats up ska- " before she could finish i threw my fist at her face, sending everyone a shock i grabbed her by the collar and shoved her on the lockers " What were you about to say!? " i growled at her " N--Nothing " she whimpered " Next fucking time ur going to talk crap about me i will put your sorry slutty ass in a wheel chair UNDERSTOOD!? " i said throwing her on the floor, She nodded and ran away " Why did you do that Ally!? " Harry yelled in his raspy voice " The bitch had it coming and if you want to support slutty jenna go ahead but don't come to me if she fuck you over cause if you do i will not give a 2 fucks" i growled at him he stared at me finally realizing why i was acting like this, " Ally.... " he started "Save it i don't need an explanation you did what you did you can't go back in time so shove ur apology up your ass  please " i said giving him a dirty smile, " Ok you guys what happened " Louis said staring at Harry, i coughed " What would you do if you were about tot have sex with someone and the person that bullied your life is at the door step of the person you were about to fuck and being as polite as you are you let them in and they suck face with the person u were going to have sex with and that person does nothing to stop them and literally ignores ur existence WOULD YOU BE FUCKING HAPPY!? " i said staring at Harry " OH..... wait wait what?! You guys were going to have sex!? " Louis said glaring at Harry " Uh yea... " he said scratching his neck awkwardly "But its fine, i might seem mad but thats the difference between me and other girls, Other girls cry and whine, I get even " i said smiling " And when i get even it is going to burn like a bitch " i said closing my locker and " Tata Boys " i said walking away making sure my hips and hair  moved in sync oh Honey this is going to be fun.....


Gah i feel this chapter sucks balls 1-.-1 happy thanks giving xP 

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