Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


10. Fuck Me

A/N 16+ Here is that juicy Chapter i promised Ty so much for the 20 favs! what would i do without you guys!? xo -Bella Ω

- Ally's p.o.v -" Finally! the games are over! " i yelled as the last bell rung, i walked to my locker to find Harry their waiting for me " He- " He tried to say but i cut him off " Time to do something I've been waiting for " i said grabbing his hand and running out of school we jumped into his car and he drove forgetting to put our seat belts we got to his car in less than 10 minutes, he opened my door and i jumped on him, he caught me my legs wrapped around his waist and his right on my bum and his left on my waist, i smashed my lips into his our lips moving in sync he asked for entrance i gave without hesitation he locked the car and opened the door but his lips were still locked with mine he slammed the door shut and threw me on the couch he slammed his lips on mine his hand under my shirt playing with the buckles of my bra he moved his lips to my jawline biting and sucking the side of my neck, A moan escaped my lips as he sucked and bit the love bite he lifted up my shirt, kissing me from my lips to my bra, he unbuckled my bra showing my bare boobs his eyes widened in amazement " Beautiful boobs you have there " he said smirking , he squeezed my boobs and started kissing them i unzipped my shorts and he unzipped his pants and i lifted his shirt up leaving both of us in undergarments only his fingers slid into my panties,he started rubbing me Hard and Slow my body tightened, his eyes met mine he started kissing my stomach, still rubbing me Harder and Faster i couldn't help it i moaned " FUCK HARRY! " he smirked, he lowered himself and stopped at my pussy he blew into my Vagina making me want him even more i became sweaty and more horny " HARRY STOP TEASINGGG " i moaned he started from liking my anus and moving upward he stopped rubbing my pussy and started rubbing my clit he slipped his tounge inside me slowly licking and eating me up i felt so much damn orgasms he started eating roughly and sucking me " UGH HARRY THAT FEELS SO GOOD " i moaned he stopped and slipped 2 fingers in me i Moaned loudly he thrusted the fingers in and out " UGH HARRY!! " i moaned in pleasure, soon he removed the fingers and flipped us over i was now onto of him, i removed his boxers and slipped his cock in my mouth suddenly a knock sounded threw the door " Babe, Harry babe "a voice said i put on harry's shirt and walked to the door i opened up to see..... 

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