Hermione Granger gets her memory wiped by Draco Malfoy ans she sees herself going through time when she was at hogwarts. from her first year to her last. will she realise what happened and will she get her memory back?


2. The Professor



    Hermione gripped Draco's hand when they saw the professor lying on the ground. Students surrounded her and one of them went to go get Professor Dumbleodre. When the student came back the Headmaster was with him. Dumbleodre picked her up and ran to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey was so frantic she called some helpers from St Mungos. they healed her but she had to rest. The professor wasnt realeased until a month later. She was not told what happened that day so she was confused at a spot on the ground where she fell. there were dents there. Hermione and Draco were happy together but people didnt like a Gryffindor and a Slytherin dating. Harry and Ron were friends with Draco and told him to make a move to kiss her again. He felt a bit nervous but he sent a letter to Hermione saying to meet her at the top of the astronomy tower at midnight. When she arrived she saw draco set up a table and two chairs with floating lanterns all around. Hermione was so amazed. She sat down and they talked for a bit when Draco went down to the kicthens to get some food. He came back up and they ate and talked and when Hermione was about to leave he leaned in for a kiss. She felt like she was the happiest girl in the world when she was with Draco. She ran down the stairs when she collpased and screamed. DRaco came running down to her and saw she was knocked out. Someone must have hit her or cursed her. When draco was in the hallways the students were already up walking to classes. Everyone was staring at him running with Hermione in his arms. Draco was crying. He finally reached the hospital wing and set her down on a bed and told Madam Pomfrey everything. He was holding Hermione's hand and was crying. Professor Dumbleodre let him skip classes to sit with Hermione. Professor Dumbledore was talking with Madam Promfrey and they were disscussing Hermione. Draco woke up, his eyes red and puffy from crying. he walked up to the two professors. The two professors told him Hermione has lost her memory of everything that has happened in the past three months. He looked horrified. Harry and Ron were told the news and rushed to the Hospital Wing. the three boys were aiting around Hermione's bed. Hermione opened her eyes slowly. She saw the three running towards the bed. She sat up and saw they looked scared. "Hello Hermione... um my name is Harry..Harry Potter. Umm..Hello Hermione my name is Ron Weasley. Hi Mione... umm i mean Hermione.. my name is Draco...Draco Malfoy."



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