Hermione Granger gets her memory wiped by Draco Malfoy ans she sees herself going through time when she was at hogwarts. from her first year to her last. will she realise what happened and will she get her memory back?


7. School Days

Hermione was on her way to transfiguration and people called her a liar and mean names and she felt like crying in Dracos arms. "Ms.Granger, are you alright? Ms.Granger? Hermione!" Mcgonagall called out. Hermione was in deep thought about Draco and didnt hear the professor. "Oh! sorry professor! I dont know what happened." Its fine knowing what happened to you. Feel better." After class ended she went to the Great Hall and saw Draco with his friends eating and talking. "Hey Draco!" Oh! Hey Hermione! How was your day back?" It uh it was great!" She sat dwn at the slytherin tables and started eating and talking with old friends she cant remember.

Draco entered Dumbledore's office and sat down quietly. He had questions to ask. "Draco! Nice to see you. What happened?" I uh have some questions sir." Go on." Hermione, What happened why did she lose her memory?" Draco..You and your classmates will learn in later years. Now any other questions?" Yes, Is there anyway to get her memory back?" I think so.. Ill write a note so you can enter the restricted section and take a look..Ill meet you there today after dinner." Great thanks Dumbledore." Anytime..Draco anytime." Draco exited he office and headed into his secret room to get ready for dinner.

Hermione was sitting on her bed writing a song. "The night is getting darker and soon the stars will be falling down to rescue us.Sing a song for me, lift me higher with you,sing that cold melody.So follow me,onto the moonlit sidewalk,and take my hand grip it tighter and dont let go." That's all she got so far.(I know its a Demi Lovato song.. lol!) The only thing hermione remembered about Draco was his birthday and she was going to sing a song for him. " Aha! That's it!" Hermione said to herself adding more lyrics to the song."Passions taking over skies,Leaving sand behind for them to choke on, and they'll try to speak,negatively about us, but they cant say another word. But they'll realize jealousy has taken over their minds, and the words they try to break me down with, They all make us Stronger." Thats all for today." Hermione said to herself. She skipped down to dinner.


Draco was waiting for Dumbledore near the restricted section when he heard a big crash in the restricted section.

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