Hermione Granger gets her memory wiped by Draco Malfoy ans she sees herself going through time when she was at hogwarts. from her first year to her last. will she realise what happened and will she get her memory back?


10. Ron's Seceret

Ron sobbed on the floor in the middle of the common room. He did it for his family but betrayed his best friend. "Why.. Why did I do it?" he kept questioning himself. "R-Ron?" Ginny came into the room. "Ron, Hermione is in the Hospital Wing..again. She's in bad conidtion. She might not wake up. Harry and Draco are there. Draco is in bad condition himself." Tell them i'll be down in a minute." Alright." She hopped down the stairs and went to the hospital wing. 

A week ago Ronald Weasley got a letter from Lucius Malfoy saying if he didn't curse Hermione badly he'd kill his family. He washed his face and went down to see his friends. Hermione had her eyes closed. Her breathing was bad and her body was cold. Draco was sleeping holding her hand. Ron could see his eyes were red and puffy from crying. He's gone through so much pain with her. 

"Harry.. Come here real quick..please." Yea. What is it?" Well.. maybe we should go grab dinner..?" REALLY RON? REALLY? OUR BEST FRIEND IS IN HOSPITAL AND ALL YOU THINK ABOUT IS BLOODY FOOD? OUR OTHER BEST FRIEND IS CRYING BECAUSE HIS GIRLFRIEND MIGHT NEVER WAKE UP! DO YOU HEAR ME? OUR BEST FREIND MIGHT NEVER WAKE UP!!!"Harry walked back to Hermione's hospital bed. Ron walked down to dinner and sat down at the Hufflepuff table. He didn'y eat much and he just looked down at his plate and went up to bed. 

Draco woke up and looked at hermione. He kissed her cheek and went down to breakfast. He went to his room and started a song he was making for Hermione. "I can't stand to see you do this, and i can't believe you gave him your kiss, see its hard for me to show my feelings, although you dont know what your missin, you see it's been along game of cat and mouse,and i know i have shut you out,we belong together Hermione." That's all he had so far and fell asleep on his bed.

Hermione was laying in her hospital bed. Her head moved violently. "NO!!!" she screamed. Suddenly her eyes snapped open. she was panting like she just ran a marathon. Madam Pomfrey came running in. "Hermione! Your awake!" Draco came running down to see Hermione the next morning. She was asleep. He kissed her forehead and her eyes snapped open. "Mione..." She sat up and he moved a strand of hair from her face and he pressed his lips to hers. Something clicked in the back of her mind. Her memories, all of them, were coming back to her. "Draco, my memories, are back." 

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