Started as a dream

There is a girl with the name Isabel triton but everyone just calls her izzy. Izzy's best friend is Sarah wrillion. Both of the girls dreams is to meet one direction. While Izzy's favorite is Niall Horannad Sarah's favorite is Harry Styles, what happens when their dreams come true. Will a disaster happen, I dunno but it's time for you to read to find out!


8. Why so nice?

Terra POV

       I woke up and something smelled really good. I looked next to me and I saw that Niall had just walked in with a plate of food. He put it on my bed next to me and said, "I cooked you breakfast, I figured you were hungry." I sat up straight and said, "Niall thank you but you really didn't have to do that." He smiles and then says, "of course I did! And your welcome but eat up cause me and Harry are taking you and Sarah shopping." I tilted my head but then he left and I did as he said, wow Niall is a really good cook! I finished eating and I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I didn't have no makeup or extra clothes with me so all I really did was take a shower and wash my face with a wash cloth. I looked at my phone and it said on it 1 new message. I looked through the message and it said from mom. I read it and it said, listen Izzy me and your dad new this was going to happen, we know Niall and you and Sarah are safer with him. Niall and Harry are sort of like your body guards, so are the rest to the boys. You'll learn over time but I can't tell you everything. love, mom

i read the text and I was confused but as I walked out of the room Sarah walked out of her room he same time I did. She then whispers, "OMG Harry made me breakfast!" I nod and whisper, "yeah Niall did the same for me to!" We hugged eachother then I got serios and showed her the text my mom sent to me. 

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