Started as a dream

There is a girl with the name Isabel triton but everyone just calls her izzy. Izzy's best friend is Sarah wrillion. Both of the girls dreams is to meet one direction. While Izzy's favorite is Niall Horannad Sarah's favorite is Harry Styles, what happens when their dreams come true. Will a disaster happen, I dunno but it's time for you to read to find out!


2. School

Izzy POV

      I woke up in the morning and let me tell you that was difficult to get up! My bed was just so comfortable for some reason. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and all that stuff, curled my hair, put makeup on, and put on pink sparkly frilly shirt on with a pair of skinny jeans. I walked downstairs and my young six year old brother is sitting on the couch with dad watching tv while my older 19 year old brother is helping my mom cook. My 19 year old brother is named, Joshua but we just call him josh. My young six year old brother is Austin, my mom is Trina and my dad is, Adam. I walked into the kitchen and asked, "is there anything that I can do to help before I leave?" She then replied with, "nope since josh is helping me but are you gonna have time to eat with us?" I quickly answer with, "sorry mom but no, Sarah and I have to go to the library early this morning to check out some books for our test this Friday." She nodded her head and I looked out the window and saw the bus down the street. I grabbed my bag kissed my mom and dad goodbye and waited in front of my house for it to come to pick me up. It finally reached me and I went to go sit by Sarah. As I sat down Sarah said, "Leroy mmhmmm!!" That is like our thing, we always say that to eachother it's as if we're saying what's up. Like I said we love One Direction! We finally arrived at school and walked up to the Library which is on the 5th floor. We Checked out some books and right after that the bell rang to go to lockers. Sarah and I did so and what's cool is out lockers are right next to eachother. We grabbed our books, put our bags inside are lockers, and we told eachother goodbye as we headed to are classes. I wish I had my first class with her. 

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