Started as a dream

There is a girl with the name Isabel triton but everyone just calls her izzy. Izzy's best friend is Sarah wrillion. Both of the girls dreams is to meet one direction. While Izzy's favorite is Niall Horannad Sarah's favorite is Harry Styles, what happens when their dreams come true. Will a disaster happen, I dunno but it's time for you to read to find out!


7. Keep close

Izzy POV

     I open my eyes and I feel like I'm moving. I sit up and I realize that I'm in a van. Who's van? I feel a tap on my shoulder and look next to me and it's Niall! Oh yeah I remember last night, mine and Sarah's parents are probably so worried. I can't believe I'm sitting next to Niall Horan, OMG!  Niall tilts his head and asks, "are you ok miss?" I nod my head politely and answer, " yes and please just call me Izzy." He smiles and nods his head, adorable! I can't believe I'm actually in front of Niall Horan! I find myself staring and he laughs I quickly turn my head away and I can tell my face is red, bright red with a mix of purple! He starts laughing more and it's so cute that I find myself laughing a bit to. Then I feel another tap on my other shoulder and it's Sarah. I smile and I look over to see who's next to her and well it's Harry! I look to see what I'm laying in and it's like a small bed on the bus. Sarah is in a seperate bed next to me but wait a minute, Nialls In my bed and Harry is sitting on Sarah's. They probably weren't sleeping with us they only just sat here to see if we were up, that's all. i then asks Niall, "how far away are we?" he then looks down and say, "well all i can tell you is, is that you wont see your family for a while until we know you girls are safe." i then interrupt him and say, "its not like Justin really wants to hurt me right?" he then says quietly, "he has been going on and on about how he has been spying on a girl named Izzy Titon, he also mentioned Sarah Willion. you girls aren't safe at home, he'll do really bad stuff to you, but we'll protect you girls." i blushed when he said but we'll protect you, but his head was facing the ground so thank god he didn't see me blush. he then looks back up at me and says, "Izzy listen you may not really know us by heart but we wont do anything to hurt you girls, we all promise." the other boys are at the other side of the van and they nod their heads as Niall says that. i feel like i already do know Niall though, this is a feeling I'll never forget. then Louis says, "there is some stuff you girls still have to discover and why everything is happening but we cant rush it so you guys will have to learn it on your own." I don't understand what he means y that but i just ignore it i can tell Sarah is confused to but she just does the same thing i do. then Niall says, "we're back at mine and the boys' house so you girls will be staying with us." Niall led me and Sarah to the house and we all walked in.  Niall then said, "we have lots of empty guess rooms that already have bathroom attached to them and closets and beds and even makeup stands and mirrors in them so I'll let you girls pick out which ones you want." he took us upstairs and me and Sarah picked room that were next to each other. they were both very nice, right now on my phone it says, 12:45. so i was tired so i went to bed.

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