Started as a dream

There is a girl with the name Isabel triton but everyone just calls her izzy. Izzy's best friend is Sarah wrillion. Both of the girls dreams is to meet one direction. While Izzy's favorite is Niall Horannad Sarah's favorite is Harry Styles, what happens when their dreams come true. Will a disaster happen, I dunno but it's time for you to read to find out!


5. Getting ready for concert

Izzy POV

       I woke up in a panic and all sweaty and tears rolling down my face but yet I can't remember the dream again, or was it a nightmare? Who knows, 

(day before concert Izzy POV)

      Today I woke up and thank god I haven't had that dream lately, whatever it was about. I slid out of bed and realized tomorrow Sarah and I are going to the concert, and we get to officially meet ONE DIRECTION!!! I got ready in the bathroom and before i new it I was at school. All day Emma was bribing me to give her the tickets and backstage passes. Sorry sweetheart but nothing this is awesome is worth anything! Yup not even my own life. I just learned to ignore her and then she eventually stopped thankfully. School ended in the blink of an eye and before I new it I was at home picking out my outfit for the concert. At least we don't actually go back to school until next week. I picked out a long wavy blue dress that's very shiny and I also picked out silver dangle earings, I'm still ugly no matter what but I at least have to be presentable to Niall. Oh my god it feels so weird and Awesome at the same time while talking about me and Niall actually swing each other as if it was a normal thing, ahhhhhh I'm so excited for tomorrow. I hope he thinks I'm at least somewhat pretty: oh my god I'm getting nervous jus thinking about it. I then texted Sarah what she is wearing for the concert. She sent me a pick of her outfit and it seemed similar to mine but she had a pink sparkly dress and was wearing gold dangle earrings. Sarah is so pretty why wasn't I that pretty?

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