Started as a dream

There is a girl with the name Isabel triton but everyone just calls her izzy. Izzy's best friend is Sarah wrillion. Both of the girls dreams is to meet one direction. While Izzy's favorite is Niall Horannad Sarah's favorite is Harry Styles, what happens when their dreams come true. Will a disaster happen, I dunno but it's time for you to read to find out!


1. Biography about me

Hey, I'm Izzy Titon. I'm 17 years old and I have a best friend of the name Sarah Willion. She is really sweet. She has long wavy blonde hair and dark green eyes. I have long wavy brown hair with blue eyes. This is my last year of school, yup I'm in the 12th grade. I still pretty much feel like a helpless teenager though. I always get straight A's in school and so does Sarah. Sarah and I have been best friends since the sixth grade! Yup now we're old hags. Now I'm gonna say something important about me and Sarah that is the main reason we're on earth, ONE DIRECTION!!! I love them so much, especially Niall Horan, his laugh is adorable! He is such a gentleman to, he has those adorable beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Sarah's favorite, Harry styles which is the flirt is also hot. He is brown curly hair with hazel eyes. But Niall's hotter! My whole entire room is covered with Niall and one direction posters and pictures. I even have a cardboard cut out of Niall, I love Niall so much, it's my dream to meet them and especially Niall, that'll never happen!

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