Adopted By My Sister's Bullies?!

This is Claire, her sister had committed suicide a few years back. And her sister was Claire's guardian, so with her gone, Claire is put up for adoption. She cant believe who adopts her though...



2. This Is When Something BAD happens to you.


I scurry down the hall, and then try to peek at why these people are being so loud, and there are five boys. 

Five familiar boys. 

Their names go by...





And Harry. 


My breathing starts to get heavier, and I feel my feet carrying me over to them. What? No! I dont want this! 

I crawl under a few legs with my eyes closed, until my head hits a pair of skinny jeans. 

I follow up the leg until I meet some green eyes. 

"Hi, Im Harry." He cooed. 

I mentally threw up, but gave him my signature smile anyway. 

"Whats your name sweety?" Niall asked me getting down to my level. Which should have been pretty hard, Im only 4 feet and 3 inches. 

"Caire... Claire Davis." I mumbled, hoping they would take a hint. 

And boy they did. 

Their faces went pale, and they all stared at me, studying my features. 

Then Louis *shudder* stood up and said,"We dont need to look anymore, Mrs. Daniels.''

I sighed in relief and started back up to my room, only to be tossed into a pair of arms. 

"Where are you going, silly." Liam asked me, and I felt like pulling my own eye out.

"To my room." I snarled, which only made him laugh. 

He picked me up and placed me on his hip, and no matter how many times I thrashed around, he just kept laughing. 

"Come in here and sign these release forms, then Mrs.Claire will be all yours." Mrs.Daniels said handing Zayn a pen. 

I let that sink into my system, then all of my bones locked, and my mouth became dry.




The next hour or so was all a blur, due to the fact I was thinking of all of the things that might happen to me. 

I felt myself, yet again being lifted into a pair of arms, he smelled of cologne and a shampoo. 

I looked to see Louis, and then thats when I started crying. 

He held he out infront of him and looked at me questionably,"Baby, what's wrong?" 

I couldnt hold it in much longer, I was about to blow, and I had no idea how they would react. 

"You hurt my sister...' I whispered, but likely, they couldnt hear me. 

Louis put me back on his hip, and carrued me inside a large and cozy looking home.

We all walked in and I was sat on the couch, and Zayn put a hand on my thogh. 

I jerked back and crawled over onto the floor, where I thought I was safe.

"I know whats up," Harry said smirking, and I felt my eyes go big. 

"You are just scared of us, because were all boys, big boys, and were new." He said sounding satisfied, and that was I three! 

"Umm... yeah," I squeaked.

Then I heard a knock at the door, Then a brown headed lady walked in. 

She looked at me and then squealed in delight.

I looked at one of the boys for help, but they were looking at her. 

"Hi, Im Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend." She said hugging me. 

I smiled, and then realized that I hadnt talked for the past hour or so. 

"Do I have a room?" I asked them. 


"Of course, doll, come here," Niall said forcing me upon his hip. 

"Might I ask... you wont hurt me will you?" I whispered, feeling a bit more comfortable in the blonde Niall's arms. 

He looked at me like I was crazy, then placed a small kiss on my nose. 

"Never, baby." 

I nodded, not knowing what to do with the pet name, then we came upon a door. 

They opened it and their were tow beds, a large kingsized bed, and then a small twin bed in the other corner. 

"We didnt have enough rooms, so you and Niall will have to share until further notice," Liam said leading me to the bed, and it did look comfortable. 

"Umm... May I please be alone? You know, to let all of this sink in?" I asked looking up to the six people above me. 

"Um, sure? Just be down at 6 okay?" Zayn said, then they all walked out. 

I had to, I had to feel the burning of the razor blade on my skin. 

I walked into the bathroom, and looked around until I saw a pack of razors, perfect. 

I took ot one of the razors, and popped put the blade. 


I had a total of seven new cuts, One for me, then one for each of the boys, then one for Eleanor. 

I quickly cleaned myself up, then walked back down the stairs. 

"Hey Cupcake!







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