Adopted By My Sister's Bullies?!

This is Claire, her sister had committed suicide a few years back. And her sister was Claire's guardian, so with her gone, Claire is put up for adoption. She cant believe who adopts her though...



1. The Intro.



Claire's POV 


My name Is Claire Davis. 

Thats it. No Claire Christine Davis The Third from Duke Wellinham. 

Just Claire. 


I am 12 years old, I have radiant brown curly hair with a few hints of purple here and there. 

My sister ,Maggie, took care of me, but then committed suicide due to these five idiotic, but famous, boys. 

Yes, Im talking about One Direction. 

A few years ago, when I was five, and before they could audition for the X Factor, they bullied Maggie. 

I am currently in an orphanage, I keep to myself, dont harm anyone but myself. 

Yeah, yeah, I cut okay? 

Its a bad thing, I know. But it lets me know that I can still feel. 

Im still kinda numb from the whole 'Maggie' thing. 


I am awaken from my thoughts when there was a large commotion coming from down the dark stairway, and when I say dark. I mean someone forgot to turn the lights on this morning. 


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