Adopted By My Sister's Bullies?!

This is Claire, her sister had committed suicide a few years back. And her sister was Claire's guardian, so with her gone, Claire is put up for adoption. She cant believe who adopts her though...



4. Shopping.



Liam stood up, glaring at Harry, as I watched from the hall. "Harry? What the heck was that? She's obviously nervous around us already, don't make things worse." He said, and Harry sighed


"I'm sorry, she wouldnt eat... you don't think she has an eating disorder, do you?" Harry said back. Then Niall chirped in,"I hope she doesn't, that's not very healthy. And she already is so small." 


This made me sick, why do they care so much about if I eat or not?


Then as I was lost in thought, Zayn bumped into me. "Claire?" he asked.


"In the flesh," I said, looking up to him. "Are you okay?" He asked me, wrapping me into a hug. 


I nodded, and the went back to my room. I let out a frustrating groan and collapsed to my small bed. 


And like that, I was out like a light. 




"Lads? You dont think she remember us, right?" I asked. 


"You mean about Maggie?" Liam asked, answering my question with another question. 


"Yeah... I mean she was young when 'it' happened, but she seems shaken about something, and it might be us." I said, shrugging. 


"What if she knows that its us?" Harry asks.


"Well, we would just tell her that we changed, like we did." Louis said.

"Yeah..." I started, but stopped when I heard crying.

"I'll go see her." I said, and walked up to our room.

When I reached the room, I heard small whimpers, and Clair was mumbling something.

"No! Maggie stay! I'm sorry!" She wailed, and I walked in there, picking up her small body and embracing her.

She gripped onto my shirt, and wouldn't stop mumbling,"I know what they did. I'm so sorry."

She remembers.

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