Downtown crossing

Hi my names Josie, I live with my aunt cause my parents died when I was 2, I have 4 best friends lily,serenity,Sophie and rea we live in London and the two things I love the most in this world is singing and one direction oh and if I didn't say me and my best friends have a band called downtown crossing so here's my story


2. omg what

I heard a knock at my door I ran to it and opened it my 4 best friends walked in and said"Josie what's the surprise" me:"ok don't scream but I put a video of us singing on YouTube to addition for x-factor and we got in so girls get ready to sing"

Rea:o my gosh I'm going to faint



Sophie: amaZAYN

ME:wouldn't it be awesome if one direction were are mentors


Lily:maybe it will happen

Me: well anyways I already told my aunt and she's on vacation so u wanna sleepover and u can tell ur parents tomorrow


Sophie: when are we going

Me:3 days

Rea:are we going to be in the British or American x-factor



1 hour later


Me:guys look at this

I was watching tv and I turned the channel and there was a one direction inter view on

They all came running in

Interviewer:what are the up coming advents

LAIM:we'll we are going to be mentors for the American x-factor

Interviewer:what team girls solo guys solo girls bands or boy bands

Harry:we are mentoring the girl bands and we've been looking into the bands and one caught our eye

Louis:the bands called

ZAYN:downtown crossing

Naill:there beautiful singers and there very pretty


We were in shock

Rea:guys am I going crazy or

Sophie:nope it's real


ME:I'm in shock


Us:slow down lily

Lily:I'm really excited

Us:we can tell

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