Downtown crossing

Hi my names Josie, I live with my aunt cause my parents died when I was 2, I have 4 best friends lily,serenity,Sophie and rea we live in London and the two things I love the most in this world is singing and one direction oh and if I didn't say me and my best friends have a band called downtown crossing so here's my story


5. airport

we finally arrived at the airport it took an hour to get there we went through security we were waiting in the lobby

me:im getting Starbucks want anything


they didn't bother telling me what they wanted cause i knew i was walking into Starbucks and i bumped into somebody in a black hoody and dark sunglasses

me:oh sorry

strangers:its ok love. he said in an deep sexy Irish

i instantly knew who he was

me:naill horan

i whispered

......naills pov......

i was getting  Starbucks for me and the boys and i bumped into a beautiful girl

her:oh sorry she said in a soft angelic voice

me:its ok love

her:naill horan

me:yup but dont go crazy and be all fangirl

she giggled

her:im not that crazy although im a very crazy girl

she trailed of and spoke again

her;but i wont

me:good,hey but do i know you

her:yeah you know me im the leader in downtown crossing you'll be my mentor

me:awesome wanna  sit together on the plane

her;ya sure but i need to get my friends Starbucks


>>>>>>josies pov>>>>>>>

i walked up to the counter and ordered

lady;hello what would you like

me:umm i would like a salted caramel latte,java chip frappe,pumkin spice latte,vinalla mocha latte and a white chocolate mocha with a pump of pumkin spice

lady;what size

me;ventis please

lady;ok that will be ...... and  whats your name

me;josie hamilton

lady ok it will be up soon

naill walked up to the counter

him;i will have the same please and also venti ok

lady it will be this much... and whats ur name

him .....

me;put it under the same name please

lady;ok it will be up soon



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