Justin's best friend


1. Reunited

You are 19 years old. You live in Canada with your mom, your younger sister Allie, and your older brother James. You and Justin have been best friends since you were in diapers. Your parents grew up together. Justin had Justin finished his Believe Tour and is coming home. You and your family are so excited. Right now you and your mom are going to pick Justin up at the airport.

 "MOM! Let's go! The plane lands at around 8! We have to go!" You say
"I'm coming honey! We are going to get there on time don't worry!" Your mom says.
"I'm sorry I'm just really excited to see Justin." You say with a smile.
"I know you are that's why we are going to leave now" your mom says with a smirk.
You look at your mom and smile you run outside to your car. You hop in the passenger seat and sit there patiently. Your mom comes outside, and hops in the drivers seat puts the keys in and starts to drive to the airport. You turn on the radio to 103.3 amp radio and you hear Heartbreaker. You start singing along think about how happy you are to finally see justin again. You have started to get feelings for him since the last time you saw him but you don't want to tell him because you don't want to ruin your friendship. 

You finally arrive to the airport you hop out of the car quickly and head inside. You sit on the bench with your mom. 

Mom: "what gate is he going to be at sweetie?"

"Gate 239" you say with a smile

*1 hour later*

"Gate 239 is now arriving." 
You hop up quickly as you see all the people walking out. You try to spot Justin. You are looking around and all of a sudden you see someone with black pants, a white tee shirt, and a SnapBack. You see it's justin. "Wow he looks good" you think as you run up to him.
JUSTIN! You scream. " y/n ! I missed you so much!" He says pulling you into a tight hug. You smile and you walk over to your mom. Justin gives her a hug and we walk towards the parking lot. We both hop into the car and head home.

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