Justin's best friend


2. Flirt

When you arrive home Justin goes and says hi to the rest of your family as you go into your kitchen grab something to eat and sit on the couch. You turn on your favorite T.V show "Twisted" and start to watch it as you hear someone walk in you look up and see justin. Damn why does he always look so good you think to yourself. You smile at him and he comes and sits next to you. He puts his arm around you and you smile. "So what are we going to do today?" He asks. Uh I don't know you say with a smirk. "How about we go for a swim?" Justin asks sounds good! You say. "Alright go get in your bathing suit" he says. As you get up you feel justin slap your butt. "HEY!" You say and turn around with a smile on your face. He smiles cutely and you walk up to your room. You go to your drawer and pick out a pink and white stripped bikini from Victorias Secret. You put it on then go to the mirror you smile at how you look and walk out into the backyard. Justin sees you and smiles. You can't help yourself but to smile back. As you walk closer he puts his arms out and you hug him. He puts his arms around you waist and you smile. You look up smile and run out of his arms and jump in the pool. Justin chases after you and jumps in right next to you. When you come up from the water you see Justin and smile. He pulls you by your waist and just holds you in his arms. You lay your head on his shoulder and just stay there until you feel a splash of water hit you. You look up and see justin laughing. "Oh you wanna go there?" You say with a smirk. You splash water back at his and you try to swim away but he grabs you. "Justin!" You squeal. "*yn!" He mimics back. You finally get oh of his hold and get out of the pool. You run over and grab a towel. He looks at you and you just stick your tongue out at him, smile, and turn around and walk into the house. After you are done changing you brush your hair  and go downstairs and go into the kitchen. It is now 9pm and you are awfully tired. You go and lay on the couch. Justin walks in and lays next to you. He puts his arm around you and you both fall asleep.

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