Justin's best friend


4. Chapter 4

You smile, as Justin licks his lips and presses his lips onto yours. Your lips move in sync with his. You then feel justin wrapping his other arm around your waist. 
You love what's happening right now but you don't want to take it that far. You think to yourself.
Justin rolls his body on top of yours. He breaks from the kiss and looks at you. You smile and blush. He quickly smiles and kisses your cheek. He falls onto the bed right next to you and just lays there. You hear someone knock on the door. "Who is it?" You say "it's me " your mom says as she comes in. "Do you mind watching Paige while I go out?" "Didn't you just get back?" You say to her. "Yes but I forgot a few things." She says . "What about James why can't he watch her." You say a little aggravated. "He is going over Ariana's house." (His girlfriend) Justin nudges you, you look at him. "It will be fun, don't worry about it" he says with a smile. "Thank you justin" Pattie says with a smirk. Pattie walks out of the room leaving the door open. "So *yn*" Justin begins to say as Paige runs into the room interrupting him. She sits on the bed next to Justin. "Hi Allie!" Justin says with his cute smile. "Hi Justin." She says while jumping on top of him. "ALLIE!" You say angrily. "Ba- *yn*" he says "it's ok she's fine" you smile and look away. Was he just about to call me babe? You ask to yourself. No... I don't think he would want to be more then friends right now. And what did he want to ask me? Ugh I will just have to find out later. You start to fall asleep to the sound of Justin and Allie having a good time when Justin puts his arm around my stomach and pushing me closer to him and Allie. Now you are laying centimeters away from Justin with his arm wrapped around you. "What are you doing" you say in a tired voice. "Me and Allie want you to play with us!" You look at him and laugh. As you guys all start to fool around. Pattie comes into the room with a big smile on her face. "So I see you guys had fun." "MOMMY!" Allie screams and runs to her "I had so much fun!" "That's great sweetie." She says hugging her. "Thank you guys." Your mom says with a smile and walks out of the room. 

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