Justin's best friend


3. Chapter 3

You wake up in Justin's arms. You look up and smile. You lay your head back on his shoulder and put your hand on his chest. You start to close your eyes again when you hear your little sister. "*YN!*" she screams while running in. "Shhh!" You say as u sit up and out her on your lap.  "Your going to wake up Justin."
"Oh sorry" she says and covers her mouth. You lay back on the couch and your sister lays back on you. "What do you want to watch?" You say to her. "JESSE!" She says. You turn on Jesse and watch it with her. You then feel movement on the couch you over and see justin turning over to face you. "Hi" he says with a cute smile. "Hi Allie" he says whiles ticking her. "Stop" she says while laughing. I smile at how good they get along, it makes me happy. "Justin STOOPP!" She says while moving all over the couch because of Justin tickling her. He then grabs her and picks her up and she smiles and gives him a hug. He puts her down and she runs out of the room. "Your so good with kids" you say as Justin puts his arm around you and moves closer to you. He smirks and leans his head on your shoulder "what are you doing" you say giggling. "What?" He says looking up at you and smiling. You just ignore him and smile. Justin phone rings. "Hello?" He says "oh hi mom" "I miss you to". "Yeah I'm having a good time"  "ok see you then love you" 
Justin right now is in Canada at your house while Pattie is in LA
"My mom is coming up in 2 days!" He says with a smile "that's great!" You say with a smile. 
You look at the time and see its 12 "Justin are you Hungary?" "A little" he says "well let's get something to eat!"you say giggling. You and Justin walk into your kitchen and see your brother. "Hi James." You say "hi" he says "where's mom?" You asked confused. "She went to the mall to get some stuff" "oh ok" you say. James then walks out of the room and upstairs. You see Paige follow him upstairs. You hop up on the counter and smile at Justin. He walks over to you and stands in-between your legs and puts his arms around you. You put your arms around his neck and smile. "Is this really happening?" You think to yourself. Justin slowly leans in to kiss you when your phone buzzes and you both jump. "Hi mom" you say aggravated. "Yes I will unlock the door you say." You hang up and hop off the counter and unlock the door for your mom. You signal justin to come over to you. "Let's go in my room" you say. You walk up the stairs and into your room you close your door and sit on your bed justin comes and sits next to you. You lay down and justin does the same. He puts his arm around you and you smile. "So what about that kiss?" He asks with a smirk. 



~guys I'm sorry it's just called chapter 3 naming the chapter is so hard for me!~

~and also I am going to try and post a chapter every night I'm sorry if I can't get to it ily!~


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