Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


8. sorry

Hey guys I'm so sorry I had this nice chapter made for y'all and saved it on draft but my movellas is stupid and it deleted the draft and when I tried to write a new one it logged out and deleted all my work. From all my chapters I had been working on. Even the ones in my other story 'In Her Shadow' do I have to make a new one. It'll probably be out tomorrow

Love ya :)

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