Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


9. chapter 7

*at the club*

Harry's POV

Me and the 5sos lads got out of the van and went inside. Niall and Serena aren't here yet but zayn Louis Liam and Eleanor are. I really meant what I said to Serena. I acted like an asshole and I deserved that beating from her.

Then niall and Serena get here and Serena walks over to the security guard and gives him a hug.

Jealousy builds up inside me.

She waved us over and says bye to the security guard.

I walk next to Serena.

"Who was that?" I ask.

"That's my friends brother. We dated not too long ago he's really cool"

More jealousy builds up.

"Oh" I say and she walks over to Niall and he wraps his arm around her shoulder.

"Hold on I'll be right back." She tells us and walks away.

"Ashton mate come here" I call to ashton.

"Yea what's up?" He says.

"Umm well umm do u think your sister will ever forgive me?"

"Well actually I want to say yes but I highly doubt she will"

My heart hurts now.

"Oh okay thanks."


"Because umm well"

"C'mon lad spot it out"


He just shakes his head. And then Serena comes back with and older me.

"Guys follow me" she says

We walk to this really really nice area in the middle of the club.

"Here u go Serena. Lily is over there by my office if u want to bring her over to hang out with u. "

"Will do Mr.Delgadio" she says and he walks away.

By the entrance of out area there's another security guard.

"What's up jack!!!!" Serena yells and hugs him. He looks similar to the one in front.

"Hey Serena it's been a while since I've seen u. What u been up to lately"

"Well obviously if u haven't seen me on tv I've been hanging out with these weirdos."

He glances over to me and his features get angry

"Is that harry?!? " he spits through his teeth

"Shhhh jack calm down it's fine. But yes that is harry. "

"You're and as hole u know that don't you man?" He says pointing to me

"Honestly I am" I say.

"Damn right that's true" I hear Serena mumble

I just stand there.

"Come on in guys."

We all walk in. Then someone walks by that I have seen before. I just can't put my finger on it. She walks into our little area cause the gaird lets her for some reason

I got if Acacia Brinly (idk how to spell her last name)

Serena's POV

My anger boils inside me

"Get her out." I tell jack.

"WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH. Didn't u miss me Serena "

"Shut up acacia!"

"Whoaaaahhh someone's feisty!"

"Get out!"


"JACK!" I call him over and he comes.

"What's wrong Serena"

"Get her out."

"Why? Have you two met?"

"Yea" I say. He wraps his arms around her and my eyes go wide.

"This is my girlfriend." He says.

"WHOAH WHOAH stop right there I can't take it anymore. U go out with this pregnant whore!!?!?"

Both their eyes go wide and he takes his arm off her shoulder

"Jack I can explain." She says.

"No don't how many months have u been pregnant?"


"No acacia tell me!"

"Couple months."

"Fuck get out!"

"Jack in sorry please."

"No first u keep your pregnancy a secret from me and then u tell me u got pregnant with someone u cheated in me with! Out now" she walks out

"This is your fault Serena" I walk up to her and punch her in the face.

"That's what u get bitch " I say and walk back with everyone else and watch her as she leaves the club.


It's short sorry but updates coming soon :)

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