Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


12. chapter 10

Serena's POV

2 months ..... 2 months since Niall went into a coma. The doctors told me that they don't know what happened but he had a bit to drink and he hit his head really hard.

I know you expect me to wait for him but I feel empty. I just needed someone to be there by my side and i haven't even really admitted to my self that I really like Niall...

Ashton saw I was upset so he decided to take me to the movies.

"What movie do you wanna see you loser?" He asked

I just shrugged. He sighed.

"Two tickets to see the fault in our starts please" Ashton told the man with smile.

"Here you go" the guy said as he handed Ashton this tickets. Ashton took then and we walked in and gave the man our tickets. I went to the theater as Ashton got our popcorn and shit and to my surprise it was completely empty but one guy sitting in the middle by himself. He wore a hoodie and he was looking at the ground so I couldn't see who it was. I sat in the row behind him because it was the best one. Then my phone started to ring. It was the ketchup song letting me know that it was Ashton.

"Ashton why are you calling me?" I asked

"I need help carrying this shit to the theater."

"Nope you're on your own. My job was to find us good seats and you would bring the stuff."


"Bye" I said cutting him off

I laughed a bit to myself as I saw Ashton bring in a whole bunch of stuff

"Ashton what the hell?? Did you buy the whole fucking snack bar??" I asked and he sat next to me.

"Fuck off I'm hungry" he said back S he started to eat his nachos

"Well thanks for those beautiful kind words brother" I said rolling my eyes

He gave me a little hug and said

"Awes I love you baby sister"

"I'm not your baby sister we are the same age!"

He poked my face and I slapped his hand away.

"Awe you are so adorable aha" he said

"Shut up the movie is about to start" I said and soon it did.

I have read the book 4 times. And I cried half of the movie.

Then it got to the end

"Okay hazel grace? " the letter had said

"Okay" hazel grace had said and the movie was over.



Flasjsk NO!!!

"WHAT THE HELL?!? WHAT KINDA SHIT ENDING IS THIS GAHHHH" I said as I dropped my popcorn all over the guy in front of me. I gasped "oh my gosh I'm so sorry I omg I'm sorry" I said to him as I hopped over the chair to him

"It's okay. You had a reason to flip out" he looked up and smiled at me.









My eyes went wide.

"Y-you're a-a-a-an"

"Ansel. Hah yes and you are beautiful" he said and them kissed my cheek. Ashton came down by my side and put his arm on my shoulder and pulled me away. A protective brother expression on his face

"And I'm her brother Ash-"

"Ashton Irwin I know who you are. Your bands music is wicked!!" Ansel said to Ashton. "I know you know my name and I know his but what's your name" he said with a wink.

"I'm Serena" I said and shook his hand. I probably looked like an idiot with my huge smile.

"Well Serena it was amazing to meet you but tell me... Why didn't you like the ending?"

"Well I've read that book 4 times and I'm absolutely in love with the ending when she says I do Augustus i do. And they didn't have that in the movie." I said.

"Well I know how to fix that" he pulled out his phone. And gave it to Ashton and whispered something in his Ashton nodded his head and took Ansel's phone and started recording for some reason.

"Serena will you let me take you to get dinner tonight?" He smiled at me.

I get what he was doing.

"I do, Augustus.

I do." I said and he gave me a little hug.

"Ashton is it okay if I go with Ansel to eat dinner?" I asked

"Go for it buddy" I gave him a hug

"Shall we" Ansel asked

"We shall " I said and we linked arms.

"Bye Ashton."

"Bye loser!" He said

We walked outside and there were paparazzis everywhere

"Fuck" I said and grabbed Ansel's arm and pulled him towards the parking lot. "Where's your car?" I asked

He pointed to a white car.

We walked over and he opened the door for me and I got in. When he got in we started to drive away.

The paparazzi crowded the car as we tried to get out.

"Ugh great I wonder what bullshit lies they'll make about me now" I say

"As long as you know they're fake then that's all that matters"

My phone went off

I looked and it was a notification that I was mentioned on TMZ

I watched the video attached

"Serena Irwin was seen today with Ansel Elgort. Rumors have it that her and Ansel have been sleeping with each other for a while now and they have started to date. They went to see his movie the fault in our stars today with her brother Ashton and were just spotted going to A fancy restaurant on sunset boulevard. Has Serena really moved on form One Directions Niall Horan so fast. That's all we have today but stay tuned for more info on this story"

I began to cry.

"Hey Serena don't believe that shit. They're just jealous you get to hang out with a hottie like me." I laughed. "But you know that isn't true so that's all that matters"

He kissed my cheek.

"Thanks" I said smiling.


Mmmmmm Ansel 😏😏 sooo for those who don't know who Ansel:

He plays:

Caleb Prior- Divergent

Augustus Waters- TFIOS

And he's in Carrie

Who do y'all ship Serena with???




Or who else let me know in the comment and tell me why please 😝

More updates to come

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