Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


1. Chapter 1

Serena's POV

"Serena com here honey" my mom called from the kitchen. I walked over to her 
"What?" I said with a slight attitude
"U got y something." She said with a huge smile 
"Ugh what is it now?" She smiled even wider and I gasped when she pulled out the brand new skate board that looked at least $100. 
"OH MY GOD MOM!!!" I grabbed the skate board that had blue grip tape and it my name printed in red grip tape. On the bottom it had a bunch of my favorite artists names and band symbols. There was Austin Mahone, 5 seconds of summer, little mix, Kalin and Myles, my chemical romance, etc. But one caught my eye. 
"Mom why is One Direction in here?" 
"Oh honey I thought u liked one direction?" 
"No mom u know I don't."
"Oh hun u should they are great they are cute too" she winked at me. 
"Ugh mom just stop there. I'm going for a skate ill be home soon." 
"Okay hun be careful"
I nodded. And walked to my room grabbed my helmet and phone and walked towards the door just so my dad can stop me. "Where do u think your going?" He snapped at me. 
"Out" I grabbed my board and left not bothering to listen to what he said. 
I hopped on my board and started to skate down the roads of Beverly Hills. So let me tell u about my life a bit I'm Serena.  My mom and dad are stinking rich. My moms the biggest lawyer in all of California. And my dad is a movie director. I hate my dad. He hates me it's been like that since I was a freshman. I've ummm well I've secretly been abused since I was a sophomore. My dad said if I told anyone he would hit me til I died. I wouldn't even have the time to tell my mom considering she's never home. But enough of that let me tell u more about ME. My full name is Serena Aleena Gravett. I was born July 7th, 1994. Ahhh happy fangirl moment! Same birthday as ashton irwin yay! (Hey hey hey I may skateboard and seem like a Tom boy but actually I'm not that much of it. I fangirl a lot but I just love the board.) Well I was born in Holmes chapel, United Kingdom. Moved here about a year ago. My family had already been doing what they do now but they both got promoted to here. Well nothing much else to know except I'm not going to lie about this but I really like video games. They're fun. Aha well whatever. I rode down the streets still missing all my friends back in the UK and then one person came to mind a person I hate with everything I have h-
I was cut out of my thoughts when a car hit me. Not. Hard enlighten to hurt me to where I have to go to the hospital but just enough to make my side hurt 
"Fuck ahh" I cursed. 
The girl came rushing out 
"Oh shit I'm so sorry!" 
"Ah it's okay in fine" she helped me up 
"Here let me take u home"
I looked at her. Damn she looked familiar. 
She led me to her car. and told me to sit on the side. 
"Umm babe where do u live." She said with her british accent. I gave her the adress and she put it in her phone. 
"I'm Eleanor Calder" she said with a smile 
"I'm Serena Gravett" I said with a smile 
We arrived at my house. 
"Here I'll walk u down." 
We walked down and the door swung open. 
"Bitch why were u gone so long!" My dad yelled at me and grabbed my arm really tight. 
"Owww! LET ME GO!!" He let me go and slapped me straight across my face. Tears ran down my cheek. He was going to slap me again when....
"HEY LET HER GO!" Eleanor yelled
"Ohhh what is a small hot fragile girl like u gonna do about it he said getting closer to her. 
"This..." She kicked his nuts 
"LETS GO!" She said as we ran into her car and left. I cried and cried....
"Shhh it's okay Serena. I'll take u to my boyfriends house with me and u can stay there as long as u want." 
"No problem hun" 
Soon we arrived at her boyfriends LA house. And damn it was HUGE! But why does Eleanor look sooo familiar like I've seen her on TV or a magazine before. 
"C'mon babe lets go introduce you to my friends." 
I just smiled and got out the car. 
We got into the house and Eleanor yelled "BOOOOOYYYSSSS COME DOWN I HAVE SOMEONE FOR YALL TO MEET!" Then first four boys came down and I saw who they were and I almost fainted
"Oh m-my god y-you guys a-a-a-re 5-5-5-5-" 
"5 seconds of summer yes. And you are?" Ashton asked me. 
"I'm your twin I was born on the same day as u exactly the same day 
"OMG 7-7-94?!?!?"
"OMG!" He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug 
"You my new best friend!"
I just laughed. I introduced myself to everyone else then give boys came down and when they finally reached me I recognized them as one direction but one caught my eye. 

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