Save me

Zelina is a 16 year old girl, who is high school. Her life stinks. She just wants to disappear. Finally someone comes and saves her.......
.......who is it??!!
..…………this my first story so pleas be nice


2. Birthday

The door opens and in she comes, her school bag lands on the table she runs upstairs to her bathroom and takes cover up to cover the scares.

She goes back down stairs and opens the package from her dad she dosn't bother to open the card because she knows what it will say.

Instead she pulls something out. She look at it for a minute then a smile grows on her face.

I can't believe this my dad is letting me go to a boarding school in Canada for a couple years and he got me tickets and backstage passes to a JB concert. I am so excited and happy. I can't believe it.

As you can probably tell justin beiber is my idol, I love him to death, he is my hero. He saves me from my darkness. I will probably never meet him but he still is my best friend, and my hero.

I serisouly wish he would notice me, but I know that is never going to happen.

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