What You Do To Me

This girl Aubrey does not like One Direction but the thing is that her friends do. One
day they go to their concert. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please no hate this is my first story!


2. Hey…um yea awkward!!!!!


                            The teacher put us in partners and guess who is my partner. I know some of you guys would flip out but me no i am chill, but the thing is everybody stares at me just because i am working with him. We had to work 12 problems on relationship proportions. Then Niall hit my hand and before we left he said call me and you want to know what I did I took the piece of paper and put it in my binder because you know he needs a friend, so why not.          




          P.S sorry that it's short I am like tired and i don't have anything right now so peace pips.

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