Just The Help ( Louis Tomlinson )

Have you ever loved someone? Wait, let me rephrase that! Have you ever loved someone but can't be with them? I do. And do you get that gut wrenching feeling whenever you remind yourself you can never have them? I do, when ever I look at her. Whenever I see her hazel eyes, her light black waves that cascade to the middle of her back, the way she moves, the way she speaks. Her name is Sienna, Princess Sienna to be exact! And the reason I can't be with her? Well I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm her guard.I'm just the help. One whom she could never love....
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Chapter Song: Postcards by Ed Sheeran (Cover)
Sienna's P.O.V
I walk silently to the music room with Louis trailing behind me.
What came over me? To act like that! I'm not a prostitute.
Of course you're not Sienna! You're a Princess!Ugh I hate that word! If it weren't for that title, all of these stupid regulations would be gone like magic! I know you must think I'm some kind of spoiled brat complaining about being a Princess. Well, let me tell you, it's not the carriage rides, balls, and happy ever after! I don't want the throne! I hardly know how to run a kingdom, I just get on with the people.
I don't want a Prince! I want a guard........my guard.......my Louis. He probably isn't even interested in the kings daughter. I know he's scared of my father, so why would he mess with the rule not to date royals. Specifically ME!
"Louis. I would like to apologize for my behaviour back there. That was my body talking, not my mind." I say as he opens the door to the music and I step inside.
To be personal, I love music but I can never do anything with it of coarse.
There is a plus also of coarse. I convinced my dad to have Louis teach me piano. He's just wonderful with his hand(NO! NOT LIKE THAT!-A/N)
He has a beautiful voice though he will not admit. I sit down on the bench as he does and he smiles as he opens to the keys. I let my fingers skim the ebony and ivory.
He begins to play slowly so I can follow along. ".....And I'm running back like, just to face the facts right, To tell me your voice takes me through the night...." He sings silently.
My eyes trail from his hands, up his arms to his face. His eyes are following every key and his mouth, moving slowly, mouthing inaudible words.
I smile at the picture.
Him playing the piano while I soak him in. Every movement more perfect then the next.
"You're supposed to pay attention to my hands Sienna." He says as if I was a child.
I laugh as a response and look back at his hands which are resting on the keyboard.
"You really do have a lovely voice." I say, breaking our little awkward silence.
"It's not but thank you." He chuckles and takes my chin in his hand, bringing my face to meet his in a stare. His eyes focus on my lips for a minute as mine focus on his. The urge to kiss him becomes more of a need then a desire at this point.
"You don't need to apologize for before, either. You did nothing wrong. It's natural for passion to take over the mind." he said in a mellifluous voice.
I can't concentrate on anything he's saying, only his perfect pink lips. I find myself leaning in to him almost at his lips. I feel his minty breath brush my face.
"Well, what do we have here?" At the door I see Prince Liam.
I jump off the bench and stand up to fix my hair.
He looks between Louis and I.
"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Now Sienna, what would happen if Daddy found out, huh?" He says while shaking his head, looking up at me.
To be honest, I don't care of my consequence, just Louis'.
They can't fire me, they can't sentence me on death row. If it wasn't for this obnoxious, and may I say cocky, Prince, Louis and I would've kissed.
No one could of known.
I would be happy with one simple kiss.
Just to get this inner goddess away.
"What do you want? I'll do anything for my father to not find out." I plead.
He chuckles and looks over at us. "Calm down!" he begins laughing his head off.
Louis gets off the bench and looks questionably at me. "Why is this funny?" he asks.
"Why would I be such a hypocrite?" He says.
"You mean-" I start but Liam soon cuts me off. "Yes. I have feelings for the help."
He stands up straight and says, "But that's not why I'm here. Actually, takes a lot of weight off my shoulders."
"Why?" I ask.
He looks over at Louis before looking back at me. "Sienna can I speak to you privately?"
I give Louis a nod, mentally saying Ill be fine. It takes a couple of seconds before he obeys.
Louis exits the room and I turn to the Prince.
Before I could say anything he says, "I don't want this wedding. And neither do you." I nod my head.
"So what's the plan, Princess?"
Sorry if that was kind of bad. I've been under loads of stress for school. I really would like to update more because I have such a good idea for this story! And I wrote this on my phone so there is probably spelling mistakes everywhere! Sorry for this terrible update! Forgive me? Haha
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