Forbidden love

When Jessie meets the boy of her dreams, it was love at first sight, but can they presue their love? Many complications work against them to prevent their love, will they fight through or will they break - based on a true story


1. Starting line

I was only 14, young right? I was in my 2nd year at highschool (year 10) only a Ickle kid when I first seen him

Tall, brown hair with a cute grey patch at the back of his hair, he seemed perfect, but the question was, who was this mysterious boy?

Luke James Hills

The most popular boy in school. All the girls wanted him and he wanted all the girls too. I had 4 BFFs; Jade,Chloe,Belle and my fave BFF, Lucy! We were the... Well... Not so popular kids in school. We had a secret name for everyone! Luke's nickname was post it! Because he stuck to every girl! Such a tease!

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