For you

This is a poetic piece based on salvation. It expresses God's grace by sending His only son Jesus to pay ransom for our sins. His love for us is.... Incredible.:)


1. Love through Death

It would have been lights out.

Times up, going to Hell.

My fault, no excuses.

Until you came and took all my bruises.

Blood trickles down his brow,

Love that flows, can't be bound.

Time of death, seems unknown

But what can compare to his broken soul?

The scars, the pain holding

Him to a broken tree

No one around could flee

They stood, they watched him die, pierced and bleeding.

The sorrow, the guilt, our

Heart broken into two,

Watching Him die made all

Of His creation cry, mourn, and wail.

The screams, the loud outburst.

"Father forgive them, for

They don't know what they are

Doing."his last words, his last breath with love.

No remedy, no drug,

No medicine could cure

The world of its darkness.

Only the price of death could pay our debt.

He took it upon him,

The lies, the pride, the hate.

The lamb of God, perfect.

Now cleaning all of my stained blemishes

Life for another life,

Losing my past regret

And turning to new life

I will abound in his mercy and love.

Today he lives inside.

He rose from death, alive

Impossible for man,

But possible for a loving God.

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