Why me

This is a fan fiction and a fiction . This is rated x so be careful .... 16+ :-) :-) :-) . There's a lot of competitions to be in the book most of the people are famous :-). I might use some girlfriends like Perrie and Sophia :-) :-) :-) < I love Elonour > just not in this novella :-). Enjoy .


1. Whos Harry Styles

I thought about how I would describe myself in a small description . Hmmm ..... Well my name is Rebekka Ramara ? I'm Puerto Rican . I'm a singer and dancer and model . I'm in a girl group . My best friends name is Cara and Chris Colfer . My favorite color is red . I speak Spanish < of course > English and French . I was born in Puerto Rico . I moved to the U.S when I was seven . I'm sixteen . 

I said this all aloud into my camera . I was doing my first ustream . 

What do you say about the Harry Styles rumor I read 

Er .... whos harry styles ? I asked 

Then a series of oh my goshs were read on my computer but then I read this ' Harry styles is the biggest One Direction heart throb . He's the one that has curly hair . He's the group flirt and he likes you . You guys would be perfect for each other . You probally don't know him cause he's bigger in England than he is here . He's British so is his boy band ..... except for Niall .' 

'Oh' I said it was all so overwhelming I have an admirer . And he probally dosent know that I'm a Victoria Secret and cover girl model .  As the ustream went on I asked and learned more about this Harry . He seemed to be a really good guy . He sounds cute too . With green eyes and curly brown hair and dimples . I had honey brown hair and brown eyes light enough for you to see that their brown . I also had dimples but not like other peoples . I had 2 one when I pressed my lips together and one when I ate . We also had bands in common and both not being American . He's from the U.K and I'm from Puerto Rico . And oddly enough a lot of people were supportive and a lot of them said I'm the only one the'd like . 


* next day *

                            Cara's POV 

Me and Zack were just sitting around looking into each others eyes I was kinda getting bored . Rebekka told me on our off day today she's gonna do her ustream . Savanna was with her family . Allisa was with her boyfriend Luke . Yes that luke . No my boyfriend is notzac efron hes not famous .... just an old friend that became more but anyways we were just sitting there cuddling and watching Jason 3 can you say boring . When my phone rang ' hello ' I answered 

' do you know who harry styles is ? ' came a familiar voice 

' Rebekka ' i asked but it sounded more like an answer 


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