Heartbreak Girl

Ronni. The girl with curves and a pretty face that everyone wants. The girl whose best friend even wants her. But he can't let her know that. She thinks he's the only guys who likes her for her. And he does. Calum doesn't just like her for her body, he likes her for everything she is. But what he doesn't know is that she's starting to feel it too.


4. Detention Fun.

I dedicate this song to you,
The one who never sees the truth,
That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.


At the end of the day I gathered my things form my locker and headed to the office, where Calum was already waiting. I sat next to him in a chair.


"What can I do for you, Ronni?" One of the secretary's, Mrs.James, asked. She was probably the only person in the school besides Calum, Michael, Luke, and Ashton who didn't think I was a slut.


"I have detention." I sighed.


"Oh, that's right. Once everyone leaves I'll be the one to watch you guys." Mrs.James said.


"Oh, thank God." I sighed in relief.


"Why is that good?" Calum asked.


"She's like the best ever. She makes detention fun." I said. Then Luke, Ashton, and Michael walked in the office.


"What are you guys doing here?" Calum asked.


"We have detention because of Michael." Ashton crossed his arms.


"It's not my fault! I gave you a choice to go with me or not." Michael defended himself.


"What are you guys doing here?" Luke asked.


"We ditched class and got caught." I shrugged.


"Boys, have a seat." Mrs.James said.


"Whose watching us?" Ashton asked and I pointed to Mrs.James. As the last kids hurried off to get on their buses and the buses left Mrs.James took us to the art room where there was a table with a whole bunch of glitter glue.


"GLITTER!" I yelled and ran to it. Yes, I love glitter and anything sparkly.


"You guys can use anything you want." Mrs.James said, sitting down at the art teachers desk and going on her phone. I grabbed my phone and put my ear buds in, playing 'Just For One Day' by Emblem3. I covered a piece of paper with glue then sprinkled, more like dumped, glitter onto the glue. By the time it dried it was time to go. I gathered all the glitter cover papers I had and walked home. I walked into my house and hung up my papers on the fridge. My brother, Jacob, came home a few minutes after me.


"Where were you?" He asked me.


"Detention, where were you?" I asked.


"Jessie's." He smirked.


"What happened to Bianca?" I asked.


"Eh, she was boring." He shrugged. I guess you could say if he wasn't my brother, he'd be one fo the guys who say all the nasty things to me.


"You use that excuse all the time." I laughed.


"Whatever." he shrugged.


"Make me Mac&Cheese." I smiled wide at him. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a box of macaroni and cheese and started to make it, "Thank you." I patted his head and went into the living room and watched TV. 


"Whatcha watching?" Josh asked, handing me a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a spoon. He sat next to me, taking a bite of his.


"Uncle Grandpa!" I yelled, laughing.


"This show is so stupid." Josh shook his head, laughing with me.


"You still love it." I said, eating my Mac&Cheese.


"Yeah, I do." Josh nodded.


"Are you guys watching that retard show again?" Our dad asked, just coming home from work.


"Yup." We both nodded.


"There's some Mac&Cheese on the stove." Josh told him. He just nodded and walked upstairs.


"Bad day at work." I sighed. When dad has a bad day at work, everyone had a bad day. So it's best just to leave him alone. Another reason I will not grow up to be a lawyer.


"Guess it'd be a bad time to tell him about your detention." Josh snickered.


"Eh, I'll tell him. Eventually." I smiled.

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